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Web development is a broad term fluctuating from elementary program design tasks using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to developing multifaceted network security and web server configurations. At TridIndia IT Solutions we are capable of providing everything from pre-packaged solutions to custom-made software design for cutting-edge intranet and e-commerce applications.

Let's make it simple
Web development can be split into two parts :

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

Front-end development is related to the "social face" of your website - i.e appearance of your website and how your visitors interact with the site. For example, your visitors may perhaps be able to submit query forms, purchase merchandises. Thus front-end developers are accountable for designing the interface and the features that will modify a web design into a website, such as JavaScript.

Back-end development is related to "personal" or unseen appearance of your website - i.e. the admin panel of the design. Back-end developers are accountable for programming into existence all of the utilities that guests to your website will experience but certainly not see, such as XML parsers, intricate product databases, e-commerce integrations, etc.

Web 2.0
After the influx of Web 2.0 platform, we develop attractive sites that provide web users the opportunity to manage their data over the web. The web applications created by us enables building customized websites, information sharing by means of user involvement, inter-operation, customized design, and co-operation on the Web. Using Web 2.0 design standard we develop websites that facilitate users to interact and team up with each other through social media allowing users to contribute to content generation in a computer created community, in contrast to web 1.0 designs where users had only viewing option.

We develop sites for blogs, ecommerce solutions, data syndication, wikis, web applications, video sharing sites and hosted services. Web 2.0 is a most recent version of the Web, but there is no such change in the technical requirement, yet there are certain changes in the way both software developers and end-users access the Web.

At TIIT Solutions, we make multi-layered web sites and products for our customers, with the help of the Web 2.0 design and development services.

  • At TIIT Solutions, our web designers have a glorious history of designing and building Social web 2.0 applications that are platform free, multi-lingual, custom made, combined and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) - Widgets, Mash-ups, Web clients and Mobile clients, and complete web portals that enables information sharing and association, using standard database models and XML designs that are readilymanaged.

  • At TIIT Solutions, our developers initiate to build our portfolio of technical aptitudes and proficiency linking all emerging Internet development expertise and meeting the ever rising requirements of our customers. Our vast experience helps us to comprehend multifaceted business sense and to develop cutting-edge web development solutions.

  • Our proficient Microsoft .NET Developers work on .NET built design structures and web applications development assignments from research to its accomplishment.

  • Our proficient team of experts can offer you web 2.0 development services using .NET that you would have never experienced before.

Why us
We are ardent about web development and keeps on eyeing for latest technologies that brand us more competent. We support open source tools such as PHP and MySQL on Linux. We widely use Zend Framework, ExtJS, jQuery and AJAX. We are also working successfully with the Cloud computing, Node.js and HTML5. We are a self-regulated organization so we are content to adapt any product that you recommend. All our customers have very dissimilar requirements and we try to be as elastic as probable to offer the most applicable solution to our clients.

  • "I cannot speak highly enough about TIIT Solutions and their Internet Presence. TIIT Solutions crafted a website for us that met every need we could think of, and they continue to work closely with us to make changes and update information as needed. They are always quick to respond, and their creative ideas and technical knowledge help us do exactly what we need to do with our website. TIIT solutions Team is simply fantastic!"

    Chirag Arora
  • "Much gratitude to "TIIT Solutions for timely and flawless completion of my SEO project, Keep up the good work."

    Megan Louis
  • "Thanks so much to the TIIT Solutions team for making our website launch both a simple and pleasing experience. You deliver one of the preeminent and easiest website solutions on the internet today."

    Rohan Kapur
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