10 Important Things Developers Want To Hear From Clients

10 Important Things Developers Want To Hear From Clients

While working with developers, you need to be utterly professional in your approach because you will be dealing with humans and humans are fragile and sensitive. That means you need to know the ways of communicating with the developers. Here are the top ten things that most developers love to hear.

1. I trust your ability:

You might have a bad experience with other developers in the past but that does not mean that you should blatantly tell the developer that you had an issue. In fact, you should forget about that incident and let the developer know that you trust his/ her ability.

People often respond to the praises positively and it will help you in developing a better site. But then, you need to have a plan because, without a plan, the developers cannot work. So, ensure that you carry out your research and have a robust plan in place.

2. We can negotiate:

Never say that you have a tight budget. First of all, it will give you a bad impression because nobody loves to work for a person who seems a bit more reluctant to pay. You need to understand that the payment amount that the developers ask is their market price and cutting down would mean insulting. However, if you still want considerations, you need to negotiate appropriately and professionally.

3. Never say I will pay if it becomes successful:

Having a website does not guarantee success. If you propose the developer that you will pay only if the website becomes successful, then you are acting unprofessionally. If you think that you are not in a position to invest money in creating a website, then you should halt the plan and perhaps think about it later when you have enough money. You can also try to find investors who can help you in building the site.

4. We could work as partners:

It is obvious that you will be working with the developers for a substantial period. Undoubtedly, you have to build relationships and you must work as partners. But then, a verbal commitment is one thing and actuality is quite another. In fact, you really need to be a partner and for that, you need to understand each other.

So, make sure that you take a little time to know the developer and then put forward the suggestion. Can you imagine what would happen if you get married to someone you just met on Facebook without dating him/her? This is a similar situation.

5. I am open to suggestion:

You need to keep things open because when you say that you have a solid plan that does not require any modification, you indirectly say that you are not allowed to exercise your intelligence and that is the last thing a developer wants to hear from you.

Even if you are sure that your plan is solid, you still need to be tender. Make sure that you tell the developer that you are open to suggestions. However, at this juncture, you need to be careful because if you fail to judge your plan, you might end up messing things up. In brief tell the developers to put forward suggestions and modify the plan if he feels so.

6. You will get more projects in the future:

Undoubtedly, everybody loves to get more money. Therefore, you need to show dreams to your developers but then it has to be real. Never give false promise. If you have projects in the pipeline, then give the right information. Certainly, you would not like to lose your goodwill by giving wrong information. So, be authentic.

7. You are secure

Human mind looks for security because it functions intelligently only when it feels secure. If you are planning to go for holidays, tell the developer that you have made arrangements for him/her. You need to understand the fact that everyone has obligations and bills to pay. By making the developer secure, you will ensure that you get the best result because the law of reciprocation is powerful. When you show concern, the other person feels obligated too.

8. You do not have to think about logistics:

If you are hiring a developer to work at your facility, then you need to make sure that you give him all the things that he needs. In addition, never talk about your management issues in front of the developer because neither he is responsible for your problems nor he can do anything about it. By keeping things clear, you will ensure that the developer works perfectly and without stress.

9. We are canceling the project but you will get your payment:

It is possible for you to cancel the project because of various reasons but then, you need to ensure that the developer gets a certain amount because he might just have canceled a few projects because of your job. Undoubtedly, you do not want someone to go through difficulties. This will show your humane side and it will also make you grow. If you cannot understand the human problem, then perhaps, you will never understand business because your business is also a solution to a problem.

10. I loved your work:

After the completion of the project, you need to thank the developer. Make sure that you show respect for his work. It is not only about paying money. In fact, business is all about building relationships. You might need help in future from the developer. A token of appreciation is the right way to secure future. Someone who loves your words might just do something for you when you need it the most.

The above-stated facts are important aspects that the developers love to here. The crux of the matter is that people love to be loved. So, make sure that you say nice things but maintain professionalism. By maintaining the balance, you will make sure that the development process goes smoothly. So, communicate properly and act intelligently. After all, you are dealing with humans and you need to sensitive and caring.



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