5 Reasons Why Your E-store Needs a Mobile App

5 Reasons Why Your E-store Needs a Mobile App

Remember the days when you used to spend hours together playing the monochromatic “snake game” on your Nokia 6110 device? That was the first mobile phone app introduced by Nokia. Fast forward to the days of today when Android and Apple Stores have become virtual hubs for people to loiter around and download incalculable number of mobile apps. Some of these apps have become mandatory, some addictive and some, the way of life. If you are a business owner who likes to cater to the ever-growing customer preferences; ecommerce applications can create great opportunities for you to get customers and retain them.

In case you still exist in the era of merely having a website and managing it; something is certainly stopping you from having a mobile app. And whether it is “I am not ready to invest in an app” approach or “We already have a mobile responsive website” approach; we are here to give you a little push and make you understand:

5 Reasons Why Your E-store Needs a Mobile App

1. Better User Experience

As mentioned above, having a mobile responsive website is great. It makes your website look aesthetic and user-friendly with all the accordions, features, and call for actions in place. However, this is not enough. An app can render a different experience altogether with a swifter navigation, faster checkout, and better marketing opportunities. These features make your customers visit your e-store more often and shop from you repeatedly. That too, in a stress-free way.

2. Enhanced Customer Engagement

With your mobile responsive website in place, how many customers do you interact with on daily basis? The answer probably is countable on your fingertips. Also, when your marketing executives run a campaign, it becomes difficult for you to get details about all the users. As a mobile app comes with a simple user-interface, it enables you to communicate with your current customers directly and helps you to establish a better reach with your potential customers.

3. Reduce Operational Maintenance

When you try to bifurcate your users by using different devices, mobile users stand of utmost importance. Which means, you not only need to have a desktop-based website but also have a mobile version of your website. By having a mobile responsive layout, you can go for custom coding or encourage them to download your mobile app. The app can have a simple and responsive layout and once all your mobile users have switched to the app, you just need to focus on enhancing your mobile app and its features.

There are other ways to save some expenses. You don’t always have to approach a mobile app development company to build an app. Supposing you have a Magento store, you can search for “Mobile App builder for Magento” and build your own app with ease. If you want more information about the same You can also take a look at these Tips to convert your Magento Online Store into a Mobile App.

4. Engaging The “NEW”

You can’t keep yourself limited to dealing with old customers all the time. To be able to run a business successfully, you need to track the new visitors, engage, and interact with them. And guess what? A mobile app is the best way to do so. Whenever you run marketing campaigns, you can send the adverts and other offers to particular customers even if you do not have their contact details. This is quite unlike the mobile and desktop platforms wherein you must have the details of your customers. So, come up with push notifications and loyalty programs through your app and “engage with the new”

5. Faster Checkouts

Slow checkouts are the biggest reason responsible behind cart abandonments. And you will find a lot of literature explaining the reasons behind cart abandonments and overcoming them. Through a good app in place, you can provide your ever hurried customers with a secure and swift payment process. Also, depending on the number of times they log in, you can provide them with different loyalty incentives like discount, coupons, free product giveaways and more.

But How Do I Have My Own App?

You need to figure out what works the best for you for having a mobile app.As mentioned above, you can find several IT firms that can help you with mobile app development. If you are a startup, it might be difficult for you to spend on the development and maintenance. If not, you can always download a good quality Magento mobile app builder extension and get going.

If you are going for the latter option, you need to ensure that the plugin or extension is compatible with your ecommerce platform. Another intermediate way is, choose a cross platform application development method to build a mobile app for Apple and Android devices.

Wrapping It Up…

If you are still swimming in the skepticism waters, there is ton of information out there about the ways in which people interact with mobile apps. You can find everything right from the number of minutes user spends on each app to the kind of money you can make out of every purchase. If not, think about this, “How would it feel when you get the mobile out of your pocket and doodle around an app that you have created?”

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