Is Your Website Prepared For The New Year Holidays?

Is Your Website Prepared For The New Year Holidays?

The time has come yet again when the people pack up the pumpkins and sweets and start thinking about the coming peak buying season, but the question arises, have you prepared your website for the holidays? There are still few things which should be considered to get the online business equipped to button the upcoming gale of holidays, however as an experienced Website development company which too has annually instructed their users that how to organize themselves each year for the past decade, we really desire to buy the time to share things that we have attained with everybody around.

Keeping the Boy Scouts in mind, we assume that being pre-prepared is critical to get success through the time of holidays, quite like when any big storm blows in, you can never get sure when and where the worst will smash until it usually does and that is why planning further to compensate the numerous possibilities at last will surely lead to bigger success and further conversions for the business.

Check the Engine

The most important thing is that you have to make sure, your website is running smoothly such as before going on a long trip various people should know that they must check their tire density, get the oil changed, and make sure that everything in the car is ready.

The same needs to be done with your website.

Level one: Analyze the past data

If the business is in progress for a few years then you can have access to important data to have a plan for this season. You can take the time to investigate last year and also prior year’s data to get a baseline for stream of traffic volume and specially the issues that are expected to occur. For each year people spend a lot of time online so users can evaluate what to expect specifically with a 10%, 20% or even 50% increase in their business.

Speed Trial– Site speed is very critical for the conversion rate. The more people wait, the much likely they are expected to simply restrain with what they can do to find a site that can offer them faster service.

Load test – It is precarious that if your website is handling not only the traffic you are expecting, but also the traffic which is unanticipated to occur. For instance, if you have got a product that becomes the “it” product of holidays then your site is expected to face an upsurge in the traffic level, which can cause the website to create bottlenecks. Using the Load Testing helps to determine how system would act during normal and ultimate expectations.

Mobile optimization – Almost half of the consumers this year are predictable to browse and adapt on mobile like smart phones and tablets etc. which means that your site needs to be optimized for mobile or you are at risk of losing out on some of that business. Again, Google comes to the rescue with a Mobile Usability Report you can utilize to find problems that you can correct.

Level Two: Lay low on new roads

If you are having a long trip, the finest practice to drive your true route is that you know how long it could take, where exactly are the best food and gas stations are, and there is no uncertainty in choosing a new route.

The similar concept narrates in making specific changes in your website right just before the holidays. You must avoid adding fresh vendors, who are using a complete optimization method. At this point it is too late for such type of changes as there is inadequate time to appropriately test them in the current environment.

The last but not the least thing you would want is that you can add in the last minute, for the sake of making things better for users, that can end up in doing the contrary and could probably affect your conversions.

Level Three: Everyone should use the same map

If a new Website Development Company is boosting their SEO content marketing strategies it is vital that their all departments should remain on the same page and are using same map for reaching your ultimate destination to make a successful holiday season.

Eventually it means that the marketing department, customer service department, IT department, and especially sales department needs to remain on the same page to approach the season efficiently. Everybody needs to be mindful of what the total goals are and how the other departments fit into the blueprint. The strategies should stream together so that the customers are catered with great overall experience from the very first touch to the last one.

For instance, if marketing team is going to produce videos to help attract buyers , in such case not only the sales team should be aware of the messaging and bids but the IT department should be aware of the expectation that how the videos could affect the website performance and optimization that is required. If no one is using the exact same map then other department can get off track easily.

The Bottom Line

So here comes the bottom line stating as such if your business depends at the end of the year for even sales of other products and services, so the time to turn things is now as it comes to ensure that your website is ready for the holidays. Although if you have plans in such place, you should make sure to take a jiffy and assess our thoughts and ideas. In spite of everything, Santa Claus too makes a list and checks it twice to make sure that if he gets it right and every benefit you can generate for your business means more money in your pocket at the end of the exciting year.

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