A Guide To Find Saleable Blog Topics and Generate SEO-Driven Content

A Guide To Find Saleable Blog Topics and Generate SEO-Driven Content

Writing blogs merely for the sake of writing is one thing, and generating informative and SEO-oriented blogs another. Professional bloggers, content creators and SEO copywriters are required to think beyond all stereotypes and produce content that could ensure an improved SEO, digital exposure and ranking at the end of the day.

In today’s world of digital marketing, if you are writing blogs for product promotion, endorsements and SEO, then that should serve the purpose of attracting maximum customers to read your content and get convinced by the words and slants used, aspects and features highlighted.

Now, first things first, the blog topic should be an ideal one that can generate helpful SEO results in the long run. If the subject matter isn’t impactful enough, then chances are that the blog might suffer in terms of SEO, online exposure and client appreciation. Here is a helpful guide with listed suggestions and tools that can be utilized in order to figure out interesting blog topics with the potential to generate saleable and SEO-driven contents in the long run.

1. Count On Google- It Offers A Plethora Of Efficient Tools

If you are aiming to achieve SEO success by publishing informative blogs covering all technical aspects of digital marketing perfectly, then counting on the potential of tools like Google Trend and Google Suggest will definitely help you in this matter. Here’s what you need to know.

● Google Trends – Allows you to enter keywords and monitor its popularity and interest over time, whether the world is searching for topics related to the same set of keywords. In addition to it, Google Trends is equally ideal for SEO bloggers looking for trendy topics, based on current popularity and global searches.

● Google Suggest – You may enter query phrases and keywords in the search box of this tool, and it would allow you to explore and figure out umpteenth suggestions, based on the keywords entered.

● Google Related Searches – If idea generation and finding an ideal blog topic for an improved SEO is a concern, then using this particular tool would allow you to explore several related search results for the keyword or the phrase entered. Using the related search results tool allows people to plan effective keyword campaigns based on the results. You may further use all popular keywords and topic prompts to create blog subject matters out of them.

For example, the desired keyword entered is “effective plagiarism checker” then scrolling to the bottom of the search engine result would allow you to explore all related results, which can be considered as helpful content ideas based on global searches made and overall popularity.

 2. Generate Ideal SEO-Oriented Blogs With The Help Of Keyword Tools

Another nice and effective way to generate SEO-driven blog topics is to use keyword tools and count on the search results accordingly. There are several online tools that generate keyword results and prompts blog topics, ideas and trending phrases. Here are a few suggestions for your convenience.

■ io – This tool will allow you to explore a list of topics that people all over the world are looking for in different search engines. Thus, you can take note of the suggestions and decide to create SEO-driven blog topics based on the most searched Google Keyword Planner – You need to log in to the Google keyword planner using your Google AdWords account. The tool allows you to look for all relevant keywords, and explore all stats related to the keyword search volume. This, as a result, would also help you generate relevant ideas for useful SEO blogging in the long run.

■ AnswerThePublic – This is yet another effective tool to count on if you are aiming to generate helpful blog ideas and topics for an improved SEO. This website with a quirky interface allows you to type keywords, topics and phrases and shows results in the form of questions people are asking about the topic.

3. Even Social Media Plays An Important Role In This Context

Last but not the least; one cannot simply ignore the importance of social media and its role in the matter of generating informative blog topics, ideas and slants for an improved SEO performance. There are certain tools and social media platforms available these days that can help you generate effective blog topics. Here are a few suggestions. Take a look.

► Reddit – You can join the Reddit community, ask questions concerning your blog topics, themes and ideas, and receive relevant answers for the same. In addition to it, you can read through a number of popular, trending posts for idea generation and developing insights regarding themes, news and subject matters that are already popular and trending. We will get to sort news and posts based on what’s “Hot”, “New”, “Controversial”, “Top” and “Rising”.

► Quora – When it comes to SEO-driven blogging, one can count on the results displayed in Quora as well. Even though this particular tool is mainly about questions that people are asking worldwide regarding a particular topic and subject matter, entering a particular keyword or search topic would help you explore a list of all trending questions that people are asking related to the desired phrase or keyword. Thus, it’s going to help you analyze all trends and most asked questions, so that you can frame your topic with the desired keyword based on popularity, relevance and volume.

► Facebook Groups – When it comes to social media, Facebook certainly gets a special mention. There are numerous Facebook communities, open forums and platforms allowing people to engage, share thoughts, build insights and the likes. You may join Facebook groups dedicated to online marketing, blog idea generation, digital promotions and the likes. Associating with the group members and conversing with the fellow bloggers, writers and digital entrepreneurs associated with the communities will allow you to develop in-depth knowledge, trending topics, global issues write on and the likes.

While these are only a few of the many trending and forever-popular places that can help you come up with engaging blog topics for an improved SEO, the aforementioned tools and technical guides will equally assist you in the matter of having the best blog prompts and themes to write on. Good luck!

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