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The topic we are interested to post:

● Web Design / Development
● Mobile Application Design / Development
● E-commerce Design / Development
● Magento Design / Development
● Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
● Social Media Marketing (SMM)
● Pay Per Click (PPC) / Google Ad Words
● Digital Marketing Campaigning
● Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Our goal is to provide our web readers with quality-rich content that is relevant and factual based which they find relevant for their sake. Write for the TIIT Solutions Blog enhance your recognition as a contributor cum instructor in the web presence community and help many others along the way.

What We’re Looking For

● Ensure that your written post is original, something new to offer, and most importantly plagiarism-free, if we find out any loopholes- as a consequence all your posted article will be removed, you are not eligible to write for us anymore and will be boycott.

● Choose a topic different and absolutely new from the one existing with us. The same similar content will surely not be acceptable.

● The ideal length of content we are interested in is maximum 1200 words but the quality of the content should not be compromised.

● Citation of apt reference links should be provided under our authority but if we find not relevant or spammy for our reader’s sake we have the power to remove it as well.

● We will allow a link back to your website, blog, or social profile, only in the author bio. No affiliate links allowed.

● Keep the flow of content conversational and no use of any offensive or derogatory language. Avoid the keyword stuffing to reduce the sense of promotional activity.

● Include relevant images or graphs or any other helping object that justify the topic within your content. You can use free licensed images without any fear of copyright issues.

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● If our editorial team is not satisfied with your first draft, we will tell you to draft necessary changes.

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● The same process will continue until we find your article fit for maintaining the relevance of our site.

● Once the article is as per all our guidelines, we will send you an acknowledgment mail, when your article going to live on our site.

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