10 Most Powerful WordPress Marketing Tools

10 Most Powerful WordPress Marketing Tools

Building websites on WordPress are pretty much amazing as it provides all the needed functionalities and tools. And adding that, most of the websites that are on the internet are completely built over WordPress. Almost 9 out of 10 new bloggers choose WordPress for designing their ideal site, whether it’s for marketing, shopping, photography stuff, news, device reviews, technologies and many more, WordPress is the ideal choice for them. And this is what makes WordPress SEO better.

Although you won’t be able to make a WordPress site without its essential tools, which offer amazing features. But what are they?

1. SEO Yoast

This is one of the best plugins that you can and you have to install into WordPress, the first time you create your site. It is absolutely necessary as it provides a Search Engine Optimization check on your post and tells you, whether it has the relevant keywords in it or not.

Also, Yoast SEO offers a readability check. This is also important. If a site has a post that doesn’t have that much good readability, the post will not be treated as applicable for users to read and will not get ratings. Yoast SEO checks it so that you don’t fall into it. Do remember that SEO and Readability are the two most important things that should be present perfectly on a site.

2. WP Smush Image compression with Optimization

The WP mush image compression tool makes compresses yours in site images. This is done in order to make your post load faster into browsers. It actually compresses the images to smaller size, so they can get loaded faster even in slow connections.

Also, this kind of optimizes your site as well as optimized websites and related post articles get good ratings and can appear more on the top of the search results.

3. Broken link checker

This plugin checks if any there is any broken link on your site which might cause issues or problems when you connect one website content to another one (for marketing purposes). Google doesn’t tolerate broken links and sites with those get low (actually bad) ratings and are not sent to the search results that often. Thus make sure that your post is free from such links.

4. All in one Scheme Rich Snippets

Snippets do help a site grow as it helps to maintain how it looks into the search results. WordPress has a cool snippets editor, which allows the user to edit the snippet data. Editing the snippet data perfectly makes google wonder more on your site, which in turn can be profitable for you. Meta description, search keywords, all of these can be edited into the snippet and you should it properly so that create a good impression of your site.

5. XML sitemap generator

XML sitemap generator helps to create an XML sitemap for your website and its posts so that you can get a good rank on google. It actually works by indexing your blog and then you get a specific rank. Sitemap generators don’t actually do that much for your site, but playing on the safe side is much better.

6. Syndicate press

Syndicate press helps you out in the case, that your contents have doubts regarding plagiarism. Now Google wants its websites and articles (posts) to be good and unique, but some users don’t understand it. Google then helps them by banning their website permanently. Plagiarism is bad as copying another person’s work and then complying with it to be your own is very bad. So, if you think your post/article has such type of content, stop using the procedure on how you write your articles and get real. Else, you should check out your article for any plagiarism stuff with the help of Syndicate press.

7. Editorial calendar

The editorial calendar helps you in organizing your content well so that your readers will find it simple to browse through your content. This makes the site much more productive, and it can get a more user in time rating. This can be thus utilized by Google for providing ratings and then including your site in the top of the search results. Also, the editorial calendar is a such a tool which can even help you manage, optimize your posts and control from one place.

8. Trend watch

Whatever you write on your post, make sure that they are much relevant to the topic included. Don’t just keep on writing articles after articles if they don’t make any sense. Also, you need to grow up according to the trend presently. This makes your site better suited to the present world and also the relevant articles so that your site remains in the competition and it has sufficient content to compete with other sites. One such tool is the Hootsuite site, on which you can find directly the keywords that are much relevant to your topic. Also, you can even control what should appear in the shared links, when someone shares your site with the link.

9. Page builders

Page builders might be exceptionally suited to your purpose if you are building a shopping site or you wished to do so, later. Page Builder by SiteOrigin offers incredible controls and is a great tool to help you with along with a great solution. It has a very simple User Interface and much much easier to handle all by yourself.

10. Universal responsive WordPress themes

WordPress has incredible themes which work across almost all kinds of devices. Also, you even get SEO optimized themes for WordPress (for free, some are). Although websites with complex or modern UI work fine with computer browsers, make sure that they work well with mobile browsers too. Else you should search and choose one such theme which will work much better with mobile browsers when the relevant site is opened in a small window (that seems the main problem).

You can also provide various graphic designs which will seem much more intuitive.


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