10 Reasons Why An Email Marketing Strategy Fails

10 Reasons Why An Email Marketing Strategy Fails

One of the most effective ways of expanding your business, increasing sales and making a profit is to communicate with your customers, clients and target audience. Email marketing has always been a top priority for most business owners as it can help you achieve the expansion you want in your business.

Most digital marketing strategies usually follow the trial and error method; getting rid of strategies that didn’t bring back good results and identifying strategies that are effective for future use. However, your email outreach strategy could still go wrong even when things seem perfectly in place.

Here are 10 reasons why email marketing fails:

1. Unappealing Subject Line

Most people check their emails more often on their smartphones rather than computers or desktops. If people aren’t opening or reading your email, then your headlines may not be catchy enough. You can only get the attention of your readers when you share something of value and interest.

The best place to draw their attention is by using appealing subject lines. Since an average office worker cannot open all the emails that stream into their inbox on a daily basis, they will definitely see all of the subject lines. There are very slim chances of someone opening an email with a cliché or poor subject line.

2. You’ve Lost Sight Of Customer Needs

Probably you feel like you had a perfect marketing strategy and that it covered all bases from content marketing to paid search. However, it didn’t perform as well as you thought, so what went wrong? There are high chances that your customers got lost somewhere on their journey.

Prospective customers usually drop off quicker when your marketing technique never communicated the right message to the buyer or you never created enough touch points between the consumer and the brand. There is also a probability that your marketing strategy could be misaligned in some way, either the product or wider corporate strategies.

3. Emails That Offer Little Value

It is important for your email marketing campaign to offer value to your subscribers as they get to trust you. Email campaigns are a little complex and are comprised of several elements like scheduling, products, subject lines, target markets and much more.

Entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by email marketing end up using the same type of routine to send emails to their subscribers at predictable times. Simplicity is one of the best ways of creating valuable content as it offers value to the subscriber.

4. Using Outdated Technology

Digital marketing is moving at a very steady pace which makes it easy for other entrepreneurs to be left behind. People start wondering why their strategy is not delivering the best results only to realize that they have been following tactics that were used 5 years ago.

The technology used in your current digital marketing strategy changes rapidly and it is crucial for achieving success in email marketing. Much of the needed technology enhances the customer experience. It is important to find out what is being used by other marketers and get to know what could give you a competitive advantage.

5. Emails That Offer Subscribers Too Much Information

Although your emails are supposed to create value for your customers, it is important that you don’t include too much information. No one wants to be overwhelmed with the information they get from their inboxes.

If you want to ask them a question, try as much as possible to answer them quickly. You can also create a simplistic, consistent and valuable content using a setup like Travelzoo.

6. There Is No Clear Call to Action

It is important to give a direction on what the recipient needs to do next after going through the email in order to avail the services or offers mentioned therein. A call to action is of much importance as it tells the reader what action you need them to take next.

A call to action will definitely entice the reader to click through leading to more conversions. It is also crucial for your call to action to be clearly visible by standing out amid the body content. This way, you are sure that a number of potential customers will be interested in what you have to offer.

7. Bad Timing

If you are not getting good results then it is most likely that your email outreach campaigns have not been planned for delivery at the right time. It is always important to get to know the right time when the message can be received by your recipient.

There are higher click rates on Saturdays and Sundays compared to weekdays. You can also get impressive results during the evening hours because it is the time most people access their emails. Sending your emails at different times during the weekdays may find when your recipient is on a busy schedule leading to lower conversions.

8. The Emails Didn’t Get Personal

Email marketing usually fails because the emails being sent to a customer lacks a personal touch. It is important for your emails to always address the reader by the name. In addition, you should offer customized email messaging to the right audience for the campaign to be a success.

It is very difficult for your emails to get personal when you are addressing the wrong audience. They will definitely don’t care about what you have to offer since it is not in their best interest.

9. Emails Not Readable From Smartphones

Most people nowadays prefer using their mobile phones while on the go. Statistics show that many individuals feel comfortable using their smartphones even in public places because it is easily accessible. Unlike the desktops or laptops, you can easily go through the emails on your phone because it is one of the gadgets people use most every day.

If your email cannot be read from a smartphone then you are more likely to fail on your email marketing campaign. You will also lose more subscribers as days go by because they get less interested in your emails.

10.You Gave Up Way Too Soon

In content marketing, an entrepreneur needs some time to build authority with search engines, grow an audience and also gain momentum on social media. It is quite different from email marketers because the passage of time must be integrated with the rapid application of changes according to feedback.

It is always important to test new subject lines, different email copies and making changes based on what you learn. The best way to get your subscribers to open and click your emails is through constant testing. There are higher chances that your email marketing efforts will skyrocket is you are simultaneously growing your email lists and creating better emails.


Email promotion is usually the cheapest compared to all other online marketing tools. That is one of the major reasons why most of the email marketing campaigns fails leading to doubts about the effectiveness of emails as an ideal tool for marketing your brand online.

However, email marketing can promote the generation of leads and bring in repeat orders from old customers when you implement the right strategy and techniques in your campaigns. Instead of ignoring the benefits of email marketing, you should learn from others mistakes to make your next email campaigns successful.



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