5 Experts Share Their Quora Marketing Success Tips

5 Experts Share Their Quora Marketing Success Tips

It has been proven by content marketers that there are huge benefits lies on using Quora as a platform for marketing. Along with that, it also works as a helping hand for people by providing questions response in professional manner. While making a strategy for digital marketing, it is necessary to know about the strategies so that full advantage can be taken out from Quora. There are five companies present in this world who looked upon these strategies and grow up their website with immense immense generation of traffic. Keeping that in mind, these companies not only generated traffic but also gained more visibility for their product and developed long lasting personal relationship with people in industries. Below are the five experts sharing their Quora marketing tips below:

1. 1 million views in a month by Brian Schuster:

Back then, Brian Schuster worked as a data scientist and a developer. To get experience and improve his writing skills, he started writing on Quora, with little or no expectations from it.  With thousands of view along with followers and some success, he had a meeting where he came across people showing interest in Ethereum and Block chain, changed his view on working at Quora. Later, Brian Schuster discovered that he had info regarding Ethereum and Block chain which most people do not. With that thinking, he started a business around Blockchain technology along with a friend and started answering the queries on Quora. Then there was a time that in a month he had one million views along with 23 shares and 3600 upvotes. Becoming one of the top writers of cryptocurrency, the awareness and success by Quora let him get massive traffic on his website and enhancing his business of cryptocurrency.

Tips by Brian Schuster:

–  To spread the content more, multiple posts in a day are required.

– Focusing on specific and few topics only which is showing interest to readers.

– Start posting on holidays as most people do not do.

– To make the post more readable, go for bold lines, pictures and section headings.

– Having low answer/following ratio questions must be focused more.

2. Getting 13,470 Website page views from Quora in a month by Wish pond:

Having experience in landing pages, Wish pond use to regularly answer people queries on Quora related to that topic. According to reports, they got 24000+ views with translation of 14,470 website page views in a month. This thing was very extensive to boost their sales.

Tips by Wish Pond:

– Getting a link from the Quora answers that goes back to the specific blog post of the question, but helping people should be top priority and it is not necessary to link every answer back in your business.

– Search for questions that are fresh like 1 hour old and few answers.

– Searching for most recent questions that are popular.

– Searching of questions having answers with thousand views and are week long.

– Answers must be posted with some example and a useful strategy. Strategies are considered very useful in doing marketing of content.

– Answer should be done in a way that it should not look promoting a brand.

– The answers must be customized through personal pronouns.

3. Use of Quora for brand awareness by Impact BND:

There was a moment when the impact team had to try 40+ marketing experiments with a strategy to reach up their marketing aims. After doing all the experiments, Quora was considered. With Quora they got lots of success and certainly started helping other through Quora marketing.

Tips by the talent manager of Impact BND:

– To generate ideas regarding blog posts, Quora must be used that follows questions according to the interest.

– Extract the industry insights through Quora. As those insight going to relevant according to the blog.

– To have brand visibility, start creating a topic through the brand.

– Having a tab of new questions is necessary with notifications.

– Optimization of profile bio along with appropriate keywords and a website link to the business.

– Those questions having views more than 1000 needs to be focused more as they are evergreen.

4. Approaching clients through Quora by Smart hustle:

With a different nature of success, Smart Hustle used Quora very effectively and successfully. Using the credibility and integrity of Quora, they not only got the site visitors but also direct consumers, guest post opportunities and good relationship with experts of many industries.

Tips by Smart Hustle:

– After getting expecting number of followers, a blog needs to be created on Quora which should have regular posting of updates according to your following niche.

– The main focus should be to spread information and knowledge except of promotion.

– There must be a look over topics matching your blog niche.

– Try to look the answers that are already be given. The credibility of that answer must be checked and also highlight it if that answer is right or wrong.

5. Benefiting from Quora by Precision Marketing Group:

The account manager of precision, Alexis Silvers gained a lot of success through Quora for awareness of its brand. Also, she had the following of people who were using Quora for the growth and success of their business.

 Tips by account manager of precision, Alexis Silvers:

-It is not necessary to answer queries only. Along with that also make questions by your own that are relevant and can become viral through traffic and massive views.

– Try to answer question on weekend and midnight, as this is the best time.

– The relevant question according to your niche must be answered first.

– Getting a connection with industrial experts is necessary for your niche as it will be more effective for your brand and a good strategy.

– The use of third party resources and stats is beneficial to have greater number of credibility on the post.

– To make the answer more attractive start giving examples, use pictures or GIFs. These things make the post readable and easy to understand.

– Tagging of content partners can also be done to have credibility on the post.

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