Oh this is going to be addictive!”-  Dom Sagolla, Twitter Co-Creator

Our innate desire for more followers:

A lot has been said and advised about how to gain twitter followers without following back for free. Whether one admits it or not, probably every twitter member wishes to have a higher number of members following him or her as opposed to the number of members whom he or she is following. Here’s a look at the major reasons for this innate desire:

  1. First and foremost, the basic human instinct for one’s ideas to get heard and understood.
  2. A higher number of followers somehow implies a higher social standing for you and gives you an aura of importance.
  3. If the number of people you follow is extremely high, the exorbitant pace of tweets on your feed will be cumbersome.
  4. People will hesitate from following you if you are following more and are followed less, with a preconceived notion that you are not interesting enough.
  5. If you are lucky, you might be offered sponsored tweets to post. (which will give you financial benefits from advertisers)

A word of caution here, before we move on to the methods of gaining followers for free. The number of your followers is directly proportional to the number of spam mails in your inbox as well as the probability of your account getting hacked. Also, gaining more followers just for the heck of it cannot help you much since you need to share common interests for having a meaningful conversation.

A comprehensive list of methods to gain more followers free!

1. Employing the 10/2 trick, offering freebies and using multiple twitter accounts

The 10/2 trick simply states that if you start following people with the expectation that they follow you back, only 2 out of every 10 people will follow you. So when you follow 100 people in a day, 20 people on an average will follow you back. Then, when you un-follow all 100 of them (in a non-abrupt manner, so that it is not considered spam by twitter), 10 people will un-follow you. Therefore, you will be left with 20 followers, yielding a ratio of 10/2 each time you apply it. This cycle can be repeated over and over again to gradually increase your number of followers. This process can be coupled with the use of multiple twitter accounts as well as offering freebies for people to like you without making it seem very obvious.




2. Explore influencers in you niche and start a conversation

A very systematic and organized approach for increasing your follower base, both quantity and quality wise is to identify the key influential users (those who have a massive number of followers) in your niche, that is your specific areas of interest. Follow them, and make an effort to connect with them. An average 25-30 percent will follow you back. Then, start following those who follow the key influencers. You can use the advanced search options to find users who share common interests with you and you can also use key words in your niche to relate with them better. Whenever you reach saturation levels, regularly un-follow those who are not following you. Although this method is slow and steady, it provides you a good network in your zones of interest rather than randomly increasing your followers.

3. Get featured on websites/blogs in your identified niche

Which are the most ardently followed websites and blogs in you niche? Make an effort to get your backlink on their site. It could be through an exceptionally good guest post, or any other innovative idea you can come up with.

 4. Solidify your presence

Starting from your image and profile to the frequency and quality of your tweets, ensure that you appear distinguished, consistent, reliable, knowledgeable and interesting. After all, people should feel that you are worth following! Choose your image carefully since it forms your identity on twitter. The same goes for your bio. When it comes to your tweets, try to maintain a frequency of at least one tweet per day, and keep the timing consistent. Offer variety in your tweets- links, videos, blogs, reports, pictures etc and focus on providing interest, amusement and awe to your followers. Make sure you use the “Follow me on twitter” link in your blogs, e-mail signatures and social networks. For more details, read http://www.wikihow.com/Get-More-Followers-on-Twitter. Try to get an opportunity to speak on searchmarketingexpo.com and similar platforms; it will give your image a huge boost.

For more information read this

5. Follow those who have a similar follower:following ratio as you have

The reason why this works is because these users are most likely to reciprocate once you follow them. You can even streamline the 10/2 trick in this direction for faster results.


Each of these has different strategies to facilitate you in enhancing your twitter account. While TWIENDS enables you to touch base with users in your zones of interest, FOLLOWERWONK gives you an in-sight into twitter analytics; VINGLER, SOCIALOOMPH and ADDMEFAST help you in growing your online social presence naturally. Log on to these sites and find out how they can help you.


Now that you have taken a look at all the possible perspectives to gain followers without having to follow back for free, you can choose any of the above mentioned methods or a combination of them. Good luck and happy tweeting!




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