Effective Blogging Techniques to Improve Traffic on Business Blog

Effective Blogging Techniques to Improve Traffic on Business Blog

These days, Business sites are considered incomplete without blogs. It helps companies to promote the brand/goods/services, create a positive reputation in the market. There are different SEO professionals who start blogging with a great enthusiasm but close their operations in great despair because they failed to gain the desired results. It happens with around 95% of all bloggers. Are you also a blogger? Looking for effective blogging tips to generate sufficient traffic and revenues every day? If Yes, then try this below-mentioned tips:

1. Is Your Blog User-Centric?

The problem with most bloggers is that they just create a default blog with blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, etc, using free themes & plugins. Such blogs are a disaster for search engines & the targeted audience because they lack professionalism & attraction. Google will never list the content of a blog in its top search results if it is not responsive to mobile devices, has outdated information, and is slow to load.

If you happen to be a non-tech person, contact a professional website developer or a company for the creation of your blog with a particular CMS. Ask him/her to add all necessary features to make your blog look professional, attractive, and SEO friendly. A well-designed business blog makes the blogging an enjoyable task and helps bloggers to achieve the set goals. Your business should be-

  • Attractive & Professional,
  • Load fast on all devices,
  • Has proper CTA buttons, Newsletter Signup options, social signals, etc.

2. Content Arrangement in Advance

Always keep in mind that the success of blogging depends on the interrupted supply of meaningful content. The demand for fresh content is so high that that content writers fail to mitigate the huge gap between demand and supply. The scarcity of content often halts your blogging activities, allowing competitors to capture a bigger market share.

Therefore, analyze the content preference of the targeted audience and create user-centric materials in advance. It’s your duty to check the written content and remove all possible errors. Your content should be easy-to-understanding and well-formatted. Add Titles, Sub-Titles, useful hyperlinks, images, videos, statics, etc, to make your blog articles more attractive.

3. Publication of Content & SEO

Once you have content, proofread it at first (to remove all possible errors and make corrections) and publish it on your blog at frequent intervals. Never forget the SEO part of the blog. Beauty the URL of the published page, add the meta description, and ALT tags to images to make your post SEO-friendly. Once your post comes into the notice of search engines, they evaluate its usability for the targeted audience and rank accordingly in their SERPs. Make sure that you follow the guidelines for blog SEO to get the desired results.

4. Accept Contributions from Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers always seek good websites and blogs to get their articles published to increase the brand awareness and get more business opportunities. If you are approached by guest bloggers and they are ready to contribute articles under your niche, don’t hesitate to consider their submissions for publication.

Just go through the posts and mull their usability for your brand. If the submitted posts meet your requirements, publish them on your blog. It helps your blog in many ways. You get free content for publication, which saves your resources, uplifts the ranking of the blog on different search engines, and fetches traffic. The contributor gets referral traffic and business opportunities in return. You can also be a guest blogger and earn referral traffic from other’s blog by getting your articles published on those platforms.

5. Include Social Media Optimization in Blogging

The world’s leading search engine Google gets millions of submissions of new articles on its network. So, it takes time to visit and index web pages. Whenever a new post is published on the blog, the amount of organic traffic often remains low. Therefore, social media activities are essential to increase the website traffic. Share published articles of your blog on different social media sites to get more page views and traffic. A strong presence on social media channels also helps you in SEO activities as your blog may have a good presence in the SERPs of different search engines.

6. Email Marketing

In simple words, email marketing is a process of sending personalized newsletters to customers in a bid to market new products and services, get additional traffic and make sales. Just attach a good subscription form to blog and encourage visitors to become your subscriber. If they subscribe to your blog posts, they will get new notifications whenever a new post is published. Email marketing is an effective way to increase your traffic to the blog and earn more revenues.

7. Comment on Other’s Blog

As a professional blogger, you should take all possible measures to establish good relationships with other bloggers within your niche by commenting on each other’s blog with a good link. This improves communication between two different parties and exchange traffic with each other. If you post comments on other’s blog using a link, visitors might visit your blog, read the available content and make transactions if they are satisfied with the presented stuff.

8. Frequent Communication with Audience

Bloggers must always keep in mind that interested visitors always love to interact with the people behind popular brands. So, if you happen to be a popular blogger, communicate with your audience using different Chat applications, social media channels, direct phone calls, and live shows. All these activities will make visitors feel special and delighted. They would love to hang around your website at most of the times, which means more business opportunities and sales for you.

9. Automatic Recommendations to Read similar Posts

Did you ever visit a blog/website which automatically suggests reading similar posts? If yes, then apply this technique on your blog as well. It can be implanted using a plugin/extension or ask a website developer to do the job. Once done, your blog will automatically display the related content to visitors based on their current entries. It will help you get some additional clicks on your blog.

Final Words

Many people their luck in Blogging, but only a few people gain the desired success. So, follow these practical tips listed here and meet almost all main objectives of your business blog.


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