Facebook Marketing Tips – It’s Not simply about making fans

Facebook Marketing Tips – It’s Not simply about making fans

Recognizing the value of Facebook marketing by business executives is not simply enough to driving customers into the business. This fact is a conclusion of several researches over the years on Facebook fan page of businesses and the absence of Facebook utilizing skills of company CEO’s, as they think mere creating a fan page of their business on Facebook is sufficient enough to promote their business.

These are few tips for Facebook Marketing we have developed for business owners:-

Posting on Other Business Fan Pages

The best thing to do on Facebook as a business owner is to post on the walls of other business fan page. As, like and comment on others pages can drive the traffic on your page as well.

Prevent Spam on your Own Page

A lot of business owners have seen that, at phases, their rivals will spam their page. Facebook now has spam filters that you can use to prevent your pages. Under the “edit page” you can find this tool, here you can put the keywords (spam keywords) into the filter, as it can automatically filter posts.

Marketing Tips

1. Keep on updating the Photo Strip at the top of your Page.

Have certain custom graphics made for the top 5 photos on your page. They can be 970 x 680 pixels. We recommend that you leave white space around the edges of the photos. FB will shrink them to a 97 x 68 thumbnail. Use pictures with a call-to-action such as “click here”, “find out more”, “get details”, or “free download”.

2. Rearrange the order of your links on your Page.

Rearrange the order of your links on the left-hand side of your Facebook Page. If you have more than 7, you will see a “more” link and from there you can drag and drop those links. Place the “landing tab” at the foot which is generally a “welcome” where people land. This way when they visit your welcome page, all your links will robotically be expanded and they can see your complete list of all your links beside the left-hand section of your page.

3. Take benefit of Facebook iFrames by adding fascinating content.

Facebook uses iFrames which gives you the facility to add images, videos and opt-in boxes and a call to action. You can have an entire page designed on your own site and then post that in your iFrame inside your Facebook page and mark that your custom landing tab. In addition, you can take Facebook ads out and drag them precisely to landing pages and links on your Facebook page. This offers you the skill to test different advertisings and deals. You can try-out and split test with your different deals on diverse iFrames links on your page.

4. Increase visibility and engagement with Facebook News Feeds.

Studies confirm that Up to 90% of your fans do not return to your page once they click the “like” page. By making best use of your visibility in Facebook News Feed, you can still be evident to your fans and involve them in order to “remind” them about your business and upsurge visitors to your main web site.

These are few tips to increase the visibility of your Facebook page:

  • Post before noon in your time zone.
  • Post 1 to 2 times a day. Do not over post. As it can hurt your “edge rank”, (the algorithm that Facebook uses), which can eventually lead to your posts showing up less and less in your fans’ news feed.
  • Use questions.
  • Keep posts short and simple.
  • Be individual.
  • Use other people’s content. Consist of photos, videos, and links. Make your own plans to upsurge your visibility in news feeds.

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