How to display your own picture in Google Search Results?

How to display your own picture in Google Search Results?

Wishes come true!

When you come across the pictures of different authors displayed in top Google search results, have you ever felt a strong urge and desired the same for yourself? Wouldn’t it be absolutely delightful if you could manage to get your picture there? Well, the good news is that your wish is about to come true as you read further!


At the very outset, let us tell you that achieving this feat is no rocket science; it only requires a systematic approach, sound understanding of Google search algorithms and Google’s latest authorship programs, which many believe is going to have a long lasting impact in the dynamics of search engines.

Let us take you through this process step by step:

Step 1:

First of all you need to make sure, that you have your own “my page” profile on your website. In case if you don’t have it, please link your Google+ profile with the help of rel= “me” tag. Please note that having this Google+ linked profile provides an extra edge to your website in general as well.

Now that you are done with rel=”me” tag, ensure the picture that you want to be displayed on Google search option has been placed in the “my page” section of your website.

Step 2:

The next step would be to do add yourself as the “contributor” of the blogs or articles on your website.

Now, in order to do that you need to open your Google+ page and then click on the “Edit profile” option, where you will find a certain box that says “contributor to”. Now that you have found the option “contributor to”, you will have to add your own website to this list of “contributor to”. Besides, you can add any other website as well if you wish to.

Step 3:

When you are done with the linking and contributing part as mentioned in steps 1 and 2, all you need to do now is to wait for a couple of weeks so that Google can spider your website, and then incorporate all the changes that you have made.

Eventually when Google is done with identifying and incorporating the necessary changes, you will find your image displayed as part of Google search results! (You can opt for Rich Snippets Testing tool in order to check whether it is working properly or not.)


Having your picture displayed as an author in search results is an excellent way of strengthening your online presence, fostering credibility and exuding professionalism. All the very best!

Author’s Bio: Jim Taylor is a proficient author who writes quality SEO related articles. He is vastly experienced in the field of SEO and has been penning thoroughly informative articles for decades, providing high value for readers.

Note: – The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of TIIT Solutions.

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