Ways to improve your content before Google Panda hits!

Ways to improve your content before Google Panda hits!

Google Panda Update is a filter to stop those sites which have provided poor quality Content Marketing Services and are still featuring in the top search results. Panda is updated from time to time and whenever this happens, sites on the top might suddenly fall down. Therefore, it is necessary for a site to make necessary changes according to new updates, so as to maintain its ranking and attempt towards attaining a higher ranking.

Let us attempt to first understand the Google Panda update, which is now a part of algorithmic update (a rolling update) known for giving sleepless nights to all SEO’s, Webmasters and content marketers.


Google Panda update simply suggests that you have to replace low quality content with high quality content. As a result of this Google Panda update, many sites with low quality content and lot of ads started to get eliminated and are replaced with those sites having good quality content. In this way, Google give us an indication that the techniques which were used earlier for writing the content have been changed, that is no keyword stuffing and spinning is allowed. You have to create good quality content which is meaningful, if you want to reach to the top of search engine result pages through your Content Marketing Services.

Here are some tips to create effective articles or content which will be liked by search engines:

  1. Write for your readers: You have to write for readers, not for search engines. Write in a natural way by keeping the readers in mind while writing the content. If it is useful to the readers, then they will share it with their friends and relatives. As a result of which your business will gain popularity and more of the users will then try to visit your site. Such activities will help you in achieving higher ranking on Search engine result pages.
  1. Content must be based on keyword: While writing the content, you must focus on keyword groups, and not on single keyword. Since, it is not possible that articles with a single keyword is highlighted everywhere, that is why there is a need to work with the synonyms of that single keyword.
  1. Maintain the length of Content: There are lots of websites which create the content on the website for about 150 -200 words for each page, just to create more number of pages. But Google panda update tells that, those websites with small quantity content will not rank high in search results. A page on the website must contain the content of at least 400-500 words, so that the user or the reader can get sufficient information.

By following the above steps, you can easily see the difference in ranking of your site. Moreover, a SEO Company can provide the pat Content Writing and Content Marketing services, which will help in raising the ranking of your site.

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