Landing Page Meaning and Mistakes to Avoid

Landing Page Meaning and Mistakes to Avoid

Landing pages are different from the regular web pages of a website. A landing page is the page on your website where visitors arrive as determined by the link they clicked from an article, blog or directory listing.

The landing page of any website holds immense importance as its catches the attention of your potential customers, people who are on your website with a purpose. A landing page ensures that your potential customers or visitors complete their action. Alas, most of the webmasters and online marketers create a landing page that turns away visitors instead of appealing them.

These are some most common five landing page mistakes to avoid:

Nothing to Offer

The expression “Nothing to Offer” simply means that your landing page has nothing to offer your customers such as information or something that catches their attention and engage them to your website.

Make sure your potential customers when visits your landing page they clearly understand your business objectives, your services, your appeal to them (avail your products/services). As they are not going to spend an hour looking at your website, thus your message should be clear and perceptible to visitors within few seconds of visiting your landing page.

Weak Caption

The first thing a visitor sees when landing on your webpage is the engaging caption, a headline ought to be appealing so that it clasps the visitor’s attention before they leave your website. Make sure the headline on your landing webpage is consistent with the content and the link they have followed through an article or directory listing. Headline should also contain a clear description and value of your service.

No Clear Definition of Your Objective

Having a clear definition of your business objective is extremely vital before setting up your landing page. There has to be some goal of your landing page such as making a sale or building your list.

Not a Customer Centric Landing Page

20th century business rules states “don’t define your business to your customers” define the ways your services or products can be beneficial to them. Focus on your customers never be generic. Try to tempt your customers by means of alluring offers such as “100% assurance on our services or products”.

Adding Insignificant Links

Adding links with no worth is one of the rampant faults that openly destroy the conversion rate of your page. It is significant to add links that redirect visitors nearby to the conversion goals.

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