Linkbuilding Strategies: How To Get Backlinks To Your Website

Linkbuilding Strategies: How To Get Backlinks To Your Website

Activities on search engine optimization ultimately are drawn upon two factors, which are published content and links redirecting users to a web-resource. One can use every effort, to spend oceans of time to create fine content full with keywords, however, if there are no fine backlinks, the positions of Internet resource will remain low.

Due to them, Google algorithms define how trustful a resource is. Search systems prefer those websites, which take first positions in the search results.

Many link-building strategies, which were popular some time ago, have lost their topicality. Today, it is a lungful and patient process to increase a link mass, however, made efforts will bear fruits.

Google changes rapidly and what was working in the past, may not correspond to the facts tomorrow. The best way to increase a link mass is to perform those kinds of activity, which are valuable on their own – to develop and promote a trade name, establish public relations, make audience grow.

Always try to make improvements in technology. The closer the content topics are connected with a product released, the better target audience requirements are met, and the more content is integrated into the website processing, the better.

It is difficult to achieve such a result each time, however, if everything works out, you get an opportunity to acquire the skill of a resource link promotion.

Importance of Backlinks

The content of a website is one of the elements considered by Google at determining its stuff, defining a trust rating of this source of information. Web-projects, mentioned by other sources will be considered fine and trustful. This is why one should think thoughtfully over a strategy of link building having a great impact on service rank.

Every link to a certain service is added to a link profile of this resource. The profile studies page rating used anchor text. The link profile is able to improve the position of an Internet portal or make the rating worse if applying non-preferred tactics.

Use of anchor text

Linking a corporate service to interior pages and external services, the used anchor has a marked impact on resulting character of activities on SEO. The anchor is a clickable word, a word combination, a phrase on a page user are able to see and interact with.

There was a tendency to create backlinks some years back, using anchor containing keywords of an exact match.

This method was dominating on the net for more than 10 years. As a result, false pages containing spam appeared to take the first positions. Drastic changes happened within a system in 2012. Now, when there are keywords of an exact match only in the link profile, the resource is put under the sanctions.

Methods of a link mass accumulating for the year 2019

Right after the web project launching, the maximum possible amount of backlinks should be a priority with the help of organic methods of link building. In simple terms, one should create effective, relevant content (a good example of such content is an article titled as Search Engine Ranking Factors published at; publish it online with the sole aim, which is directing traffic to the website of a company. If the content of a resource has nothing to do with promoted products, make sure that it is interesting for potential customers in the very least. A successful content is a marketing and, therefore, link building campaign are impossible without fine content, not an easy task especially for some spheres of activity.

1.Begin with searching for industry players

Define leaders and grave figures in the chosen niche. Draw a close attention to the type of the posted content. Create a list of portals, where you want to receive a link to your corporate website. Think over possible ways of getting contact with them.

2.Forge business relations

Customers will come into line with companies exploring the specific character of its activity, offered products. Then, customers will feel that the company can help them. Like the posts of the industry leaders, whom you are to find in the list made earlier. Leave comments, do reposting. Such an approach will make it to where you are going to get the backlinks you need.

3.Request backlinks

Link building requires a humanitarian aid. When you make a list of websites, you can get backlinks from, connect with the owners of these resources. Far from every website, you apply is to comply with your request. However, try to make a certain progress.

4.Reach out to mass media

News outlets seek stories. Press intake, who is interested in the activity of your company, will help to receive a few fine backlinks.

5.Tracking references

Perhaps some blogger or some other source of information mentioned a brand without providing with a link. When you find such a reference, contact with an owner. Ask for it being added. Such a request helps to achieve understanding faster.

Link building is an important component of a successful strategy for search engine optimization. End of purpose requires all the aspects of collaborative work such as the use of keywords, writing a content, getting backlinks, metadata, understanding of changes over the last years, will let marketing scope to turn out to take the first positions in the search results and be noticed by a target audience.

Unfortunately, there is no single scenario/tool to promote a website in top of search results. Link building is a small but powerful component helping to achieve the end goal of promotion.



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