People to Watch as You’re a Node.js Developer

People to Watch as You’re a Node.js Developer

As a Node.JS developer, you must be familiar with the capacity of Node.js to provide a runtime interface to execute any application written JavaScript. It is a very versatile and light-weight model and has evolved to have insurmountable applications in web designing. As a Node.js enthusiast, it’s quite common to be well updated with all the latest advancement or the knowledge that has been generated in the past. Being well adorned with the proclivity to geek out at every little updates or information pieces is quite endearing. However, it’s tough to keep account of all the information we have or rather, to find the utility and practical application of all that knowledge.

The best way to learn and to get inspired for creative awakening, especially in something as exciting as Node.js is to find inspiration. The following Node.js developers are known for their expertise and any rookie developer should follow them via social media or blogs to stay updated with mindboggling tips, or news from Node.js society and framework updates. Here is the curated list of developers to follow wholeheartedly, irrespective of your skill set and experience.

● Dan Shaw

Co-founder of The Node Firm in San Francisco, and is popularly referred to as the “God Father of Node.js”. He is noted for his dedicated work and eloquent talks about web development, Node.js, JavaScript and the digital revolution. His experience in numerous firms specialising in Node.js environment has made him a community hotshot. You can check out his twitter and blog for daily insights.

● Colin Ihrig

One of the significant members of Node.js c, he is an affiliate of the honourable Node Core Technical Committee (CTC) and Technical Steering Committee (TSC). He is also a partner in libuv and a prime fellow of hapi.js community. He was self-taught in HTML and JavaScript as an adolescent, marking his deep appetite for software and coding. He penned the book Pro Node.js for Developers which is a sought after literature for programming.

● Brendan Eich

He is the proud inventor of JavaScript and consequentially responsible for the advent of Node.js. He also happens to be the co-founder of a popular browser Mozilla and Firefox. An avid presenter he has attracted almost one hundred thousand enthusiasts with his presentations and symposium. Check out his twitter account and blog for posts with equal parts of comic commentaries and supplementing knowledge. He is now the CEO at Brave.

● Gergely Nemeth

Hailing from California, this young, hotshot coffee fan is a proud software engineer and architect with his own start-up called Rising Stacks. His company offers consultation and qualified Node.js development. He is a frequent conference speaker and helps to organize them as well. He is devoted towards working and developing Node network.

● Wes Bos

He is a full stack web developer and engineer and happens to have a high knowledge base to everything related to JavaScript, Node.js or any piece of web development not unheard of. He has countless tutorials, blog entries and is the core instructor at HackerYou. He can be found on GitHub tending to queries of rooky web developers.

● David Walsh

He is an expert in front-end technology and optimizing design for web applications and purposes. He is presently at a respectable position at Mozilla. He is a frequent orator at symposiums, notably at BrazilJS and London AJAX. He has also developed tools and plugins for JavaScript Framework. He can be d=seen giving out demos and holding discussion groups on his blog.

● Tanya Butenko

From the land down under, she is actively involved in including diversity and representation in computer software designing. She is known for free coding events and has been immensely known for her node.js advancements. She also actively takes part in NodeGirls Australia, initiated by her for scientific debates among new bright female developers.

● Axel Rauschamayer

A proud pioneer of mobile computing and JavaScript development, he is a PhD scholar in Informatics. He has been working on web development since the 1990s. While he specializes in Java, Node.js is one of the many subjects he has devoted his time to and has written a number of books, and conducted talks as well. His blogging has been in talks in web communities and Node family as well.

● Simona Cotin

A frequent orator at NodeConf, she is a campaigner encouraging cloud development in Microsoft. She has built network data analytics programmes and loves toying with java in cloud assistance. A marked activist for women in IT she initiated ngGirls and enjoys mentoring at various web developer communities.

These noted experts all were once a beginner, but their determination and creative minds have led them to be the masters in the field of node.js development. All these node.js developers should definitely be on the list of ambitious people to learn and get motivated from.


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