Magento Development- Reasons To Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce Platform!

Magento Development- Reasons To Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce Platform!

E-commerce business has gained popularity like never before. Now shipping and delivering products from one corner of the Earth to another has become easy and customers availing services on their doorsteps is becoming the latest trend. When developing an e-commerce website for your own business, it is very important to choose the right platform, i.e., the one that best suits the needs and requirements of your business. Because there are plenty of website development solutions available in the market, we, after conducting deep research and analysis, have come to a conclusion that none other can beat Magento.

Websites developed using Magento, as we know, make up the majority share of the e-commerce market. The reason behind the popularity of Magento as a web development framework is because it is an open source platform which let developers and site owners have the access to the source code while creating a website. This freedom of access, in turn, allows having more flexibility. It means that the features and functionalities of the site can be, at any point in time, modified to realize the changing needs.

Let’s have a detailed look at the prominent features that make Magento development dominant choice for website development solutions.

1. Enjoy the Control in Your Hands

With developers as well as clients having the liberty to fully customize the website, the look, design and multifarious features can be controlled from both the ends. But this unique ability is not made available with the template-based platform options, because no access to the back-end is offered. Even the functionalities which can be performed on the front-end are limited by the templates and pre-existing formats. This can prove to be problematic when a website outgrows its template.

2. Single Back-End and Cross Browser Compatibility

With Magento development, you are authorized to run multiple stores from a single back-end system. Therefore, in this way, stores can be set up precisely with a unique product catalog. This feature allows the website to be accessed through different browsers. It also reduces limitations on usage whilst bringing the webpage a higher ranking in the search results of some search engines.

3. Performance Factor is Imperative!

Performance is the most important factor which every developer takes into account while building an e-commerce website. Because even a few million seconds delay can directly impact on the conversion rate. By being fully flexible one can leverage the advance cache techniques such as Varnish.

4. Responsive and SEO Friendly Feature

Business marketing strategy is one of the critical areas of running an e-commerce business. Magento is a perfect choice to be used for online marketing and has been built while keeping advanced SEO services in mind. You can leverage the benefit of measuring the page traffic, avoid duplicate content, manage SEO friendly URLs, descriptions, and auto-generate site-maps.

With this, Magento permits the e-commerce websites to effectively work with multiple devices irrespective of their screen size and operating system. Customers can smoothly access this website anywhere and through any device such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc.

5. Multifarious Extensions and Themes

Even though Magento already holds numerous amazing features, developers always add plug-ins to extend those features. Plug-ins are also known as modules that can be used to customize the website and provide an unforgettable shopping experience to the customers. Another feature integrated with Magento is that it consists of a large number of varied themes for all kinds of businesses. No matter what your business requirement, you will always get a model ready for your business with the help of Magento.

6. Integrate Other Technologies

With the updated version, Magento 2, developers have the facility to integrate other technologies for blogs, payments, shipments, etc. one can also integrate third-party tools and web and cloud services easily.

These cutting-edge features of Magento make it a win-win for both the developers and the customers. Magento has got a huge community of developers who communicate with each other, share tips within, discuss updates, and help one another in solving technical issues by conducting forums and events. If you are planning to take your business online, then developing the e-commerce website using Magento is advised.


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