Ten Quick Tips Regarding Artificial Intelligence In SEO

Ten Quick Tips Regarding Artificial Intelligence In SEO

Billions of searches are going on every second around the globe. Search engines like Google, Bing are flooded with thousands of results for a single search. To be at the top of the search results is of prime concern for all the businesses. Ever wondered, why some of the websites are at the top of the search results while others ranked very low?

The reason is simple. Search engines want to show only the relevant results at the top of the searches. When we make a search, Google serves us with the most relevant websites based on our searches. Artificial intelligence applications are being used by search engines to get to know about the intent behind the search.

One question that comes to the mind of almost every organization is that can the ranking of websites be improved? How to get at the top of the search results? How to increase the traffic on the website? Well, the answer is yes! You can not only improve the ranking of your website but you can be at one of the top positions in search engine results. This can be achieved with the help of SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimisation.

What is SEO?

SEO is a technique used by digital marketers to enhance the quality and quantity of traffic on the websites. SEO is used to improve the ranking of the websites. SEO helps in increasing the organic traffic of the website. If you are not familiar with organic traffic- it is the traffic which is generated as a result of good SEO and is not paid, unlike advertisements.

SEO is broadly classified into following two types:

a)- White Hat SEO

The White Hat SEO is the ethical way of doing SEO. The techniques use in white hat SEO is in accordance with the norms of search engines. Good content, backlinking, advertisements etc are a part of white hat SEO. White hat SEO helps you generate a gradual and long lasting traffic.

b)- Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is the unethical way of doing SEO. The techniques used in the black hat are against the norms and conditions of search engines. Black Hat SEO make use of loopholes in the search engines to increase traffic. The traffic generated is of low quality and is not long lasting.

Artificial Intelligence and SEO

Artificial intelligence as a service has helped in improving the techniques used in SEO. Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that helps in building intelligent machines and computer programs. These machines or computer programs have the capability of reasoning, perception, decision making. Artificial intelligence enables machines to perform the task that would require a human brain.

Let us discuss ten quick tips regarding Artificial Intelligence is SEO.

1. Keyword Optimization

Optimizing the keywords is most important in SEO. Artificial intelligence applications have helped search engines to find better results on the basis of keywords. Keywords research consists of- Gathering keywords, grouping keywords and generating exemplars. Various artificial intelligence software tools help in finding the search frequency of keywords. By using low competition keywords improves your SEO.

2. No Black Hat SEO

With artificial intelligence systems becoming more intelligent, Black Hat SEO techniques take the back seat. False linking, keywords stuffing are some of the examples of black hat SEO. Artificial intelligence build applications identify and filter the spam for the user. Moreover, irrelevant links are penalized by Google. This will lower the rank of your website in searches.

3. Managing Real-Time Data

The real-time data is gaining a lot of importance these days. One of the examples of real-time data is price changes made by E-Commerce websites frequently according to the time of day. Another example is real-time price changes made by taxi booking service on the basis of availability and demand. Using real-time data helps in improving the SEO of the website.

4. Better Customer Service

Artificial intelligence applications like Chatbots are helping in improving the customer support service. Chatbots are built using AI machine learning algorithms that can simulate human conversation. Chatbots are designed to answer the queries of customers that too round the clock. This helps in building a strong bond with the customer that improves the traffic of the website.

5. Utilizing Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are more powerful than you think. Google algorithms understand the customer review. For example, a review might say “this is the best saloon in the city”. This helps Google in analyzing the business. If someone searches for the best saloon in the city, your website is going to show up in results.

6. Optimizing Content For Voice Searches

Voice searches are becoming more prevalent than the text searches. Website content should be made in such a way that content of the website should match the voice searches. Content in the websites should be added keeping voice searches in mind as voice searches are gaining more popularity than text searches.

7. Improving User Experience

Better user experience should be the main concern for a website. Good user experience is a combination of usability, look and feel of the website. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way searches are done. If you are using good SEO practices, your ranking will definitely improve. A better user experience ensures customer satisfaction.

8. Predictive Marketing

Artificial intelligence applications are helping in performing the predictive marketing. AI algorithms predict the behaviour of the customer using his past searches. AI systems gather information like demographic location, likings, the profession of the user and showing the content based on his interests. This helps in improving the SEO.

9. Recommendation Systems

E-Commerce giants like Amazon are using recommendation systems for better user experience. On the basis of user’s recently visited products, it recommends similar products to the user. This helps the user in finding the related product at one place and he no more has to waste hours in searching. These products will be following you reminding you to buy the product or visit the website. In this way, AI is helping to improve the SEO.

10. Customizing Websites

Last but not the least, AI application also includes customizing the websites. You can customize the content of your website by making the content user specific. This helps in building a connection with the user and thus improve the SEO.


In this article, we discussed ten quick tips about how artificial intelligence as a service is helping in improving the SEO. To rank high in the search results, SEO of the website is very important. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence in search engines has improved the user experience. On the other hand, it has pushed digital marketers to use better SEO techniques for traffic generation. By using appropriate tools and white hat SEO techniques, the ranking of the website can definitely be improved.

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