Have you tried every possible SEO strategy under the sun and yet your site rankings refuse to budge? Most of us fail to realize that Organic SEO is not as complicated as it seems, provided it is focused upon right from the inception of your site. As opposed to “short-cuts” in the form of paid SEO, organic SEO is all about making consistent efforts for long term success.

Here is a comprehensive list of 7 indispensable tips for Organic SEO.

Search Engines like Good Coding Practices

•    Pay heed to using apt keywords in your page URLs, file names, folders, page titles, Meta tags as well as keyword texts in navigation and image alt tags.
•    Even your text links should be keyword based. Instead of leaving blank spaces between keywords in your file name or page title, use a dash (-), pipes (|) or underscore (_).
•    Lay greater emphasis on using keywords first, and then mention your company’s name in page titles.
•    Since search engines cannot read images, ensure that every image is named suitably with proper alt tag text.
•    In short a well structured and immaculately coded site is what search engines look for.
Keyword Research: Doing it Right
•    The higher the search volume of your keyword, the higher will be the competition for it.
•    A large number of keyword research sites are available to assist you here, and striking the right balance between the search volume of your chosen keyword vis-a-vis the number of players competing for those keywords, forms the crux of right keyword research.
•    You need to realistically analyze where you stand before choosing your keywords. Sometimes it is better to choose a low volume keyword and rank higher in it to get a certain estimated number of page visits every day, rather than choosing high volume keywords where you will rank in the bottom most pages with no visitors at all.
No Compromise for Quality Content
•    It is totally upon you to think innovatively in order to develop original and high quality content to attract and engage your target audience, and also renew the freshness of your content from time to time.
•    Using keywords in your content is undeniably important, but it should not seem too obvious. Here is where you can channelize your creativity at its best.
•    Offering a variety of unique content that appeals to visitors will not only give you higher traffic; it will also increase your chances of getting quality back links that could boost your SEO standing.

Make the best out of Social Media Platforms and YouTube

The more you display your engagement over social media platforms, be it in the form of Google Plus Review Links or Facebook Feed on your site, and so on and so forth, the higher is the rating you will get from all major search engines. As far as YouTube is concerned, videos are an excellent way of drawing traffic to your site, and are simultaneously preferred as a good organic SEO practice by Google.

Google dotes on Site Maps

A Site Map is a simple html page with systematic and hyperlinked listing of all the pages on your website, which works well both ways by being an excellent point of reference for your end-users, as well as giving you brownie points from Search Engine Spiders.

Finally, don’t set and forget

All said and done, even if you have attained the number one rank, you cannot afford to become complacent about it. Any search engine update or algorithmic change could oust you from your present position in no time, which is why organic SEO is a continuous, seamless process wherein you need to keep pace with the dynamics of the realm.

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