To Survive in Online eCommerce Market: Make your Shoppers Loyal

To Survive in Online eCommerce Market: Make your Shoppers Loyal

Imagine that you have your own eCommerce store. Now, for getting more profit you have to build such level of trust to customers. Whenever you want to buy something online, firstly you will research about that product from several stores then you will buy that product. So, the customer will take a decision of purchase based on how they get trust from your site.

In the current competition of eCommerce store in the market, customers have fear of Frode. So, they don’t trust your store easily and for that our task is how you will be loyal to your customers. Loyalty programmes are the best way to get the trust of customers like providing points, some competitions, quiz, etc.

These loyalty programmers definitely work because a majority of customers who participated in your loyalty programmes they are more likely to buy from your store or brand. I’m going to try to list how you be loyal with your customers. This is not the easy task, it’s challenging but not impossible.

As being in ecommerce business, you have to know that how many ways are there to reach your customer. How you show your presence to customer? This points are important. Increasing the engagement to customers is first step to increase conversions. Tell your customer that what should they do next in your site.

Provide Excellent Customer Service:

The first thing to gain customers trust is to provide excellent Customer Service. If you want that your customer will visit your site regularely then you have to actively deal with their queries.

By providing well customer service,they feel that you care for them. So, that You have to take them seriously because of this they feel well treated by you.

If they come to you with the complaint then you also answer them well because form their complain you can improve your store, you may know that what kind of problems customers have with your store or product.

Sell while making them feel that you care:

You have to make your customer feel that you are taking care of them. Show your customer that by purchasing your product how they get benefits.

Once you have the email address of your customers then you can send them personalized emails regarding offers, reward points, etc with their name.

By this personalized emails, customers feel like how they are important to you and you are not selling your product or services only for money. This type of caring for customers will establish a long time relationship with your customers.

Don’t sell your product, Help Customer to buy your product:

Personalize emails are also important for example you are sending mails to an old customer on special occasions like birthday greeting, anniversary wishes that make a huge impression on customers mind. You that you help them to buy products from your store.

Help them instead of pushing them to buy your product. Providing the personalized customer service is key to win your customers heart. Surve the product as per customers need. This thing will help a customer to buy your product. Show your customer that how your product is different from the rest.

If you just show a product to your customer maybe this not make impression on customers mind. But if you help them to know that you are selling exactly they want.

Monitor Your customer behavior:

By monitoring your customer’s behavior for your store will help you to optimize your store. Though AdWords and analytics you will read your customer’s mind. You able to know your target audience for the particular product by analysis tools.

During particular festivals or occasions which kind of your product is sold more, this is the important part to get ROI. For e-commerce business analyzing customers behavior is important because you are not able to deal with them by sitting in front of them.

Analyze that if you give immediate discounts of several products then what kind people are buying that product, for which product your customers are looking for shows the interest of buyers. This kind of analysis will help you to optimize your store.

Create useful content:

For the content marketing maybe you heard that Content is a King. Content marketing is the latest trend in the Market. If you feed your customer with efficient and very useful content then it is possible that they impressed with it.

To be with Loyal with your customer your content will help you a lot. You have to make the content in such a way that they feel that you are answering their question or problems.

You can do content marketing in the form of infographics, blogs, articles, videos, etc but the important thing is content must be useful for them. Content marketing is not a one night process, it takes time to increase your traffic and brand.

Provide Equal Shopping experience in Mobile & Desktop:

In the current scenario, as we all know a number of mobile users are increased day by day. We can not neglect mobile eCommerce. As per some reports, most of the traffic comes from the mobile devices but the conversion happens from the desktop.

This thing shows that most of the visitors do research for the product from mobile and buy from the desktop. So, it’s very important that shopper will feel equal shopping experience in mobile and desktop.

You need to develop mobile application same as the mobile version of your site. Mobile application of store itself enhance your store’s branding and increase loyalty to the customer. Your mobile application plays important role in marketing.

Enhance your website with real-time custom option features:

To stand in this competitive market you need to provide something new in your store. This feature enables a customer to stay more on your site. This feature gives the clear idea about a product that attracts visitor to make the purchase.

This custom options feature makes the good experience to visitors. 70% visitors move to your competitor’s site if they feel poor quality of the product. This custom options affects most on conversion rate and helps to enrich your business.

To add custom option features in your store, there are lots of extensions are available for custom options. Real-time custom option features will make you different from your competitors and really add a value to your store.

In Conclusion:

Business always runs from the Customers. So, you must need to loyal to customers to survive in this competitive world. I noted above all points with my observations and through this you will know that how loyalty with your customers is affected on business. I hope this points will help you. Happy Reading.


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