Top 12 Tips To Enhance The UX Of Your Mobile Applications

Top 12 Tips To Enhance The UX Of Your Mobile Applications

In this digital landscape, it has become mandatory for every entrepreneur to invest in the mobile app development. Mobile applications are the powerful tool that allows a business to reach millions of potential customers. But in order to build a successful mobile app, it is significant to design it in such a way so that it offers a positive experience to the users.

The market is flooded with numerous mobile apps all are struggling hard to establish their identity among the customers. There are approximately 2 million apps on Play Store and 1.5 million apps on App Store available to the consumers.

In such a competitive marketplace, if you want your app to stand out from the crowd, then you have to design it in such a way that leaves your target audience awestruck. A professional UX Design Agency has an expert team who can develop an impressive UX for mobile apps so that it is capable to attract and retain users in the long-run.

Mobile apps that fail to delight users are abandoned instantly. In order to spare your mobile app from such a dreadful fate, let’s explore the top twelve tips that can help you in enhancing the UX of your mobile application.

Smooth Registration

Every user’s app journey starts with registration and hence it is essential for you to provide them with a hassle-free and smooth entry into your mobile app.

1) Properly Visible “Login” & “Register”

In order to avoid confusion, you have to display “login” and “register” clearly so that the users can see and understand what they are expected to do. If your mobile app doesn’t require users to register, then you can simply avoid it.

2) Hassle-Free Password Authentication Process

The password authentication process of your app should be easy and simple so that the users find no difficulty while logging into your app. It is a good idea to use fingerprint authentication and avoid the time-consuming boxes.

Easy Exploration & Navigation

3) Provision Of Detecting Location Automatically With Visible Manual Location Entry

An ideal mobile UX design provides the users with a perfect blend of auto location along with manual location feed so that it is convenient for them to use.

4) Uninterrupted App To Web Transition

The UX of your mobile app should be designed in such a way so that the users can easily transfer from the mobile app to the web version without any hassle. If this process will be tedious, there are high chances that the users will abandon your app then and there.

Easy In-App Search

The users of your mobile app should be able to search for their preferred items within the app in an easy manner. The process of in-app search shouldn’t be complex and tough. A user searching for a specific product must be directly driven straight towards that item without any interruption.

The purpose of your UX design will fail if the user isn’t able to find an existing resource in your mobile application.

5) Clearly Visible Search Button

You must give prominent space for the persistent or expandable search bar in your mobile app. Also, you should make sure that the users are able to find the search bar easily so that they won’t get distracted from their goal while accessing your application.

6) Provide Filter & Sort Options

In order to provide the users with a delightful experience, you have to incorporate filter and sort options in the design of your mobile app. These options allow users to search for their preferred products in a more effective manner.

Efficient Conversion Gateway

The journey of a user ends at the conversion gateway of a mobile application. But it’s bad if the user leaves the app at this point due to the lack of design expertise. Therefore, it is imperative for you to design the conversion gateway in an efficient manner so that the users can purchase their preferred items and checkout easily.

7) Provide Comprehensive Comparison Feature

You have to provide the users with a responsive and insightful comparison option so that they can compare the products and find themselves the most appropriate deals. At this point the UX design expertise is put to the test.

8) Remove All The Clutter

It is important for you to ensure that while checking out the users should not get hampered because of a clutter of different buttons or ambiguous options. They should be able to check out easily so that they feel excited to return back and use your mobile app again for shopping.

Well-Organized Form Entry

Form entry is the most tedious and time-consuming task for the mobile app users. An expert UX designer can make this process delightful with his exceptional designing skills.

9) Incorporate A User-Friendly Form

In order to please the users, you have to make this process of form entry as easy as possible. The process should be designed in such a way so that the users are supposed to fill in the least and get the most. For instance, you can incorporate an auto-moving screen which can be used to reduce users’ effort while they fill the forms.

10) Usage Of Right Keyboard For The Required Text Field

Make sure that you use the right keyboard at the right time so that the users can find it easier to fill the required text fields. For example, you can use the telephone keypad for numeric input and the Qwerty for texts.

Usability & Effectual Comprehension

The UX design of your mobile application must correctly comprehend the intellectual level of the users. For achieving this, there is a need for you to encourage the designers for making an extra effort that will lead to seamless transition.

11) Precise Text Labels For Buttons

It is easier for the users to comprehend text labels for buttons because these labels can easily describe the purpose of the button to the users. Also, with the help of text labels for buttons the users find it easy to differentiate one button from another.

12) Incorporate Tap-Targets That Are Finger-Friendly

Users may abandon your mobile app because of chaotic and small tap buttons. Therefore, it is essential for you to keep it simple and finger-friendly. Design your tap-targets in such a way so that they are well within the reach of a user’s thumb. The users will find it easy to tap and move further in the application.

These above-mentioned tips might not be the only necessity for a successful mobile application, but they serve as guidelines that are required to develop an ideal UX for your app. An app can be built with the help of a seasoned UI UX Design Agency that is capable to attract and retain more customers. It will improve the conversions and help in enhancing the bottom line of a brand.


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