In simplest terms, geo targeting refers to the process of determining the geographical location of the end-user, in order to direct, streamline or showcase content and ads that are specific to the particular location. The mechanism involves identification of the IP address of the end-user and automated loading of the website’s content that is relevant to the user’s location. According to Google, an estimated 73 percent of total online searches are pertaining to local content, thereby making geo targeting an important aspect of content marketing for companies who target market segments in specified geographical zones. Apart from Content Marketing, the scope of geo targeting also extends to online advertising and internet TV. By means of geo targeting, it is possible to determine the continent, country, region, city, area code, postal code, latitude, longitude and ISP of your visitors.



Benefits of Geo Targeting

1.      It enhances User Experience

Visualize a site that displays your native language or enables transactions in your currency. Geo Targeting certainly augments user experience based on linguistic and cultural preferences.

2.      Allocation of marketing budget becomes easier

Once you identify the geographical area where your ads are receiving the best response, you can channelize your resources in the same direction for better results.

3.      Enables a better Conversion Rate

If the visibility of your ad or marketing content is oriented towards more relevant visitors, the chances of your products or services getting sold is obviously higher. This in turn leads to higher conversion rate.

4.      Better returns from targeted ads

With geo targeting, your ads will gain better prominence and visibility with respect to your target market segments and provide significant rise in click through rates as well.

5.      Cost effective way to gain better business visibility

Geo Targeting requires very less investment from your end, and is effective in providing instant access to your niche audience.

The Latest Buzz in Geo Targeting

Social Media Giant Twitter is soon to launch more specific geo-targeting ads for retailers by the end of 2013. This tighter geo targeting could prove to be a very handy tool for online marketers, after the zip code targeting that has been incorporated by Facebook. The geo targeting buzz in mobile marketing and mobile couponing is being steered ahead by giants like Groupon, LivingSocial and Amazon. A number of Mobile Ad Marketplaces such as Flytxt and Chartboost have emerged, and are in increasing demand across the globe.

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