Why Security Features Of Swift Are Attracting Developers Towards It.

Why Security Features Of Swift Are Attracting Developers Towards It.

Innovations in mobile technology depend on the skills held by mobile development and developer can contribute to the mobility as far as programming knowledge takes them. This is why Swift developed by Apple – the latest programming language aimed at simplifying a lot of practices required to build innovative, salable mobility solutions, especially for enterprises.

Yes, it’s quite vital to assess Swift for security apart from its extensive programming capabilities. Even the most powerful and intuitive programming technology may fall apart if it’s not treated to handle security challenges. The same applies on the Apple’s futuristic programming language Swift. No doubt it’s facing high expectation for security matters.

Businesses from banking, retailing and healthcare sectors are seen quite interest in investing mobility and related mobile app development solutions. They have learned how mobility can help them in their work procedures. However, all these industries do handle private information of their consumers and thus they have better mobility security features to their mobility solutions. Luckily, businesses can leverage Swift on security measures by boosting the it with an array of security features created to deal with modern-day threats.

Critical Layers Of Security

There is a Traport Layer Security (TLS) – the basis of Swift security features. It’s a data encryption protocol develop out of Secure Sockets Layer. SSL  is security standard developed by Netscape.

Traport Layer Security provides three vital features to improve security of Swift based software:

1. Data Privacy: No outside entities is able to see the data exchanged between a server and a client

2. Data Integrity: There is no way to modify that data. No one other than anyone from server side or client has permission to modify that data.

3. Server Authenticity:  The server provides its identity and do verify the requested data source.

There is chain of certificated which ensures these security measures. These certificates verify information and guarantee validity that security checks are working as they are meant for.

Additional Layers Of Protection

There are additional security layers which provide more standard security features and ensure an app has highest security protection currently available.

Take an example. Developers can add protected API and can use both HTTPS and basic and OAuth2 authentication to the identities of users. They are the standard security measures can be offered any mobile app development platform. As Swift does offered these measures and developers can integrate them to the app they create.

Kitura-Specific Features To Consider

The key advantages of using the Kitura web framework to ability provide security measures to Swift app build with it. These security measures aren’t available through other platform. There are four security layers.

● Credentials: User identity is verified by using several authentication plug-ins

● Sessions: It then supports secure session via the use of private and authenticated cookies.

● CSRF:  It protect against cross-site request forgery attack performed by taking over user’s web server

● CORS:  CORS does not let restricted resourced be accessed from outside the domains.

Mobility solutions and apps handle consumer data and thus they need best security measures. Thank god Swift has already been preferred for all these things.

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