Top 5 Must-Have Features for Web Designing in 2018

Top 5 Must-Have Features for Web Designing in 2018

Every website owner wants the maximum use of his/her website. A site, which is visited by Millions of people every day, gives lots of business opportunities to its proprietors. Actually, the use of websites is determined by the fact that how well it is made up of using different web design elements. All web designers and developers create different types of websites regularly by keeping the user’s need in mind. For this, they use different web design elements.

If you look at the level of competition in the web-based business, different brands always vie for even a little chunk of business coming from customers. So, just assume that your competitor is sitting just a click away from you. In simple words, if visitors are not impressed with the look & feel of your website, they will flee away instantly and buy from your competitors. So, what are the main web design elements that should be used to create visually appealing & professional websites? Let’s study and find out the truth.

1. A Clearly Visible Search Bar

A website usually has several pages, such as home, About us, products & services, privacy policy, terms of use, contact us, new submission of contents, etc. As the time passes, your website becomes bigger and bigger. So, you have to use different tags, categories, sub-categories, etc, while publishing new materials on your website, making it easier for them to find the desired stuff easily and quickly.

All website owners must always remember that today’s Internet-savvy young generation is extremely impatient. They want to get each & everything swiftly. So, when they land on websites, browsing different web pages is not their priority. They look for a search bar on the site. Its presence on websites allows visitors to type specific keywords & terms and find the desired info, products, and services.  This saves their valuable time, enabling them to make more transactions. So, ask your web designer to add a search bar on the top of your side in the right-hand section. A well-designed search bar is mandatory for E-commerce websites as it allows frequent buyers to look for the desired products quickly and give more business opportunities to you.

2. A Professional looking Font

The overall usability of your site’s content depends on the font used for the presentation of web materials. There are many entrepreneurs that use comic or fancy fonts to impress a specific group of audience. But, be cautious as it could restrict the flow of business coming towards you. There are many people who are not comfortable with fancy fonts and they will leave your website soon after landing on it. Using a fancy font often makes websites look unprofessional despite having high-quality content. So, just give up your love for fancy fonts. Use a professional font to on your website to allow visitors to read the available content easily and effortlessly.

3. Proper Placement of CTA Buttons

Call To Action buttons play an important role in the web-based business which allows visitors to take the desired action after reading the available content. If there is no proper placement of call to action buttons on your website, they will get confused and fail to know what to do after reading the content. This will increase the bounce rate of your website and you will not be able to meet the ambitious business target. Therefore, ask a web designer to create impressive and clearly visible call to action buttons and place them appropriately on your site. Place at least one CTA button on every page of your site. This will visitors know what they have to do after going through the advertising materials. A website with impressive CTA buttons can fetch business opportunities for its owners.

4. Navigation Path

While using the internet, you often come across some websites which are very difficult to browse. It happens because of the complicated and confusing navigation path. When we talk about the website navigation route, it is the way which shows visitors the way they have to move to use the website and find the desired content. If a website has a smooth and straightforward navigation path it becomes easier for visitors to use the site without any problem you can also provide the second in navigation on eCommerce and business websites to let users know the navigation path between different categories and subcategories and look for the design pages easily.

5. Content Presentation

We all know that there is a great significance of content in a web-based business. If the content available on site is impressive and serves the needs of the targeted audience, they would love to deal with your brand frequently in the long term. If your website content is lousy,  you can see its impact on its ranking, traffic, and business opportunities. The continued use of low-quality content in website Optimisation can provoke Google to punish your website with a  low ranking in its SERP or delete it completely from its server. So, avoid using the low-quality content in website design and development. Just hire professional content writers to get high-quality materials and use that in web design and web development. Present the content on your website in such a way that it attracts visitors and encourages them to take the desired action.

Final Words

Always keep in mind that trends in web design keep changing from time-to-time. By implementing these web design elements on your website, you can easily create professional and good-looking websites and grab ample business opportunities.

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