5 Overlooked Web Development Mistakes That Crush Your Website Ranking

5 Overlooked Web Development Mistakes That Crush Your Website Ranking

When it comes to create a masterpiece for your business, your mind instantly noded and saying it’s time to “web development” that can present your business potential worldwide. This is the one side of a well presented website scene but what about the other side where most of the developers unknowingly become notorious for committing overlooked website development mistakes that not just affect the quality traffic of your website. No professional web developer ever want to create a negative user experience which also leave a negative impression on his skills and put a question mark on his years of experience in digital market. Nobody sets out to make a confusing and frustrating interface which alienates their users. But, the sad truth is…this is happening again and again which troubled the productivity of business owner.

Don’t be that website. What are these mistakes? In what ways do developers accidentally create interfaces that frustrate their users? Here are 5 development mistakes that kill web application usability and their pills to kill them permanently from the process:

1- Inappropriate Code Formatting- One of the most common ways developers annoy their users: making inappropriate indentation and blank spaces which are the quite obvious giveaways of a beginner-level developer. This haphazard way of formatting is an unexpected blunder as the code does not follow a logical structure. The desire to create something “new and innovative” can become one of the biggest stumbling blocks for developers.

Solution: Delivering a unique user experience, or new approaches to common functions, is more likely to confuse users than impress them. Most users won’t bother figuring out how your great new interface works, or will simply become frustrated. Today the original HTML language is currently at HTML5 which help with your bottom dollar ROI.

2- Ambiguous Error Messages- Poorly written or ambiguous error messages render a frustrating moment for the users especially when they attempt any unauthorized action. These error messages means nothing for users if didn’t give them the appropriate solutions. The result is always: frustration and anger for your site.

Solution: Its better don’t give the users an error number and code that means nothing to them. Instead, say “Sorry, that didn’t work. Try this instead it may never heat up their mood.

3- Small Clickable Area- Still there are many internet users using a keyboard and mouse with a widescreen monitor or a smartphone with a small touch screen, giving them very little space to click might offend their experience. As it becomes very hard to click small text link on a mobile device, and might drive people away in frustration when they can’t reach the information they need.

Solution- Developed site taking the blueprint of a single thumb. This means making UI hit zones big enough for the thumb, the fattest finger which give them the enough space to first read their information and if find something interesting proceed further with a thumb size click.

4- Not Prioritizing Site Speed- This is most unexpected mistake made by developer. It’s almost like you forgot the timing of your school which is considered as an excuse not mistake. In user’s point of view, performance matters to them and they put it at their first most priority. But developers fail to match their expectation and as a consequence the result is slow site which again contribute to frustrate the user.

Solution- A developer is always recognized as a professional one when he is always remain loyal to test your site on constant basis and ensure its performance is finely tuned. Always reduce image size and use a format that can be resized accordingly without losing much quality such as PNG. This way it can always contribute to give a positive experience to user once they land to site.

5- Changing Navigation Element Location- This is one another drawback witnessed from developer’s end which again takes away the users interests: They accidentally turn their applications into scavenger hunts. They place navigation elements, or essential buttons, on different places across screens…which frustrates users to no end.

Solution- Constant changing of navigation from page to page or screen to screen in the search of element will cause your users to hunt for a feature. It would not be practical to place button on varied place which creep the whole site and make it look like a local market more than a website. Give it a professional touch and include a search bar on your site. Make sure the navigational aspects of your website are easily understood and even easier to notice.

A small mistake on the part of your web developer can lead to the failure of traffic on your website. As modern aged humans, we pride ourselves on our superb adaptation skills and ability to change with the times and to learn from our mistakes is one among them. By identifying web development mistakes, you can easily eliminate much frustration that others have already endured to their audience. If you wish to get a good amount of traffic on your website and not drive the visitors away avoid these silly mistakes.

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