5 Amazing Ways to Make Explainer Videos Help With SEO

5 Amazing Ways to Make Explainer Videos Help With SEO

One of the best mediums to convey your message to audiences around the world is to use explainer videos. Here, you can create these detailed explainer videos of your product and services to reach users with different preferences and demographics. Let’s discuss why you should use explainer videos to help your SEO efforts.

Reduces Bounce Rate

one of the primary benefits of having explainer videos is that it increases the time-on-page by users and helps you reduce bounce rate. While bounce rate is a term used for situation where a user comes to one of your landing pages and exit (bounce) from it without clicking on any other link, section or page. It means he has completed the action on that specific page but didn’t show interest in visiting other pages on your site. Here, bounce rate is considered negative for SEO rankings and affects your performance on Google searches.

To deal with this situation, you can use & embed explainer videos on your site landing page to persuade users to click on this video link. It will instantly reduce your bounce rate and increase time-on-page significantly. Further, high bounce-rate is also a wastage of marketing resources. Once you reduce the bounce rate you manage to optimize the results as well.

Better Visibility

As we discussed explainer videos increase time-on-page on your site it also helps you get better visibility on online platforms. The proved fact is that you remember things well when you see them. Thus, explainer videos help you convey your message to large audiences with in-depth detail related to your content. Further, you can create your own YouTube channel where you can share all these useful videos to increase views and followers. While world’s #2 search engine YouTube brings you lot of traffic for free it also ranks for most keywords on Google organic results as well.

To upload quality videos on your YouTube channel, you can use video editor tools. Here, these tools are specifically designed to offer you feature-rich solutions to edit your videos the way you want them to. In addition to uploading your videos to YouTube, you can also embed them on your site, share them on social media networks and other places for better visibility.

Increase Conversion

Lot of people prefer to view detailed videos/advertisements than to read them in brochure or review. Here, you can create a detailed explainer video for your product or service mentioning all features. This simple trick will help users understand your product or service well and help you increase your conversions and sale. With changing trends, users are more inclined to advertisement patterns where short videos and documentaries are used to convey the message as they found it more convenient and easily understandable. It is again a low-cost marketing technique that requires least resources and yields high results.

Widen Your Social Media Reach

The next benefit of creating explainer videos is that it helps you increase you’re your social media reach. Here, millions of videos are created and shared on social media network every day. In fact, people love to do that. Once they found something interesting and useful they share it instantly with their family & friends. Thus, you can create informative & interesting explainer videos for your products & services and share them on social media network for increased reach. You can further use viral marketing and re-marketing techniques to offer lucrative deals to users for better marketing results. Another benefit of these videos is that, you can target your audience easily and convey your message instantly and effectively.

Attract Mobile Users

When Google is turning its ranking priorities with Mobile First indexing, it says lot about the importance of mobile users around the world. Here, lot of people has stopped using desktop computers for their day-to-day work of checking emails and notifications on social media accounts. Now we have a fresh market of billions of mobile users who love to see and share video content on their devices. Now it requires small efforts from your side to create small and medium length explainer videos for users and target audience to convey your message in detail. This simple trick will help you boost your SEO efforts significantly. It will also help you optimize marketing results instantly.


Explainer videos could be a useful addition to your marketing & SEO efforts where these videos help you increase your brand reach to audience. While there are numerous benefits of using these videos for marketing & SEO purpose here we have discussed some of them. If you know more such benefits, feel free to comment below.

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