Tips To Create Content For Social Media Audience

Tips To Create Content For Social Media Audience

In this ever-evolving social world, it is imperative that businesses have content to cater to their social media audience. It is a key weapon in your brand arsenal that has the capacity to either make or break the brand. The right social media content can make your brand/blog an overnight success. This makes it all the more important that we create meaningful content for our social media audience. Listed below are a few pointers that should be kept in mind while creating content for social media audience:

1. Know The Audience

Knowing whom you are creating content for, is the first step in creating content for social media. It is important that we know the needs and preferences of the audience we are writing for – what they like, what they hate, what problems they face- in essence, what makes them tick.

We need to be cognizant of their periods of activity and the languages they speak. It is recommended to speak the tongue of the audience who are targeted.

2. Create Quality Content

Nobody likes to even read a lousy, ill-researched content, let alone share it. It is of much importance that the content one writes is of high quality. It is recommended to seek professional help in doing the same if needed. Here a few resources which are sure to help in the same are:

● Blog Title Generator: List the most relevant topics in any given niche

● Headline Analyzer: Analyses your headline to tell you if it is catchy enough

● EssayOnTime: An expert writing service, helps you with serious contents

3. Strive to Add Value

Who does not like knowing ways to get out of a mess? One of the essential pointers to keep in mind is that people love to share content which solves their problems. Humans are wired to help and it is best that we exploit this in designing content for the social media audience. Contents created to help people have more certainty to be passed on.

4. Keep an eye on the aesthetics

We all are short on time and so is your social media audience. It is recommended that your content is well structured and organized. Few tips to do the same are:

Highlight the big idea

Use subheads to keep users engaged

Use the inverted pyramid structure: start with the most important thing, progressively moving towards less important things

Make it visual: We are wired to grasp visual things much more than written things. Make sure your content is as visual as possible. Use Infographics -Informative and easy to understand infographics are conveniently shared by the social media audience. Piktochart helps in creating infographics suited to your needs.

5. Capitalize on emotions

Humans are emotional beings. The audience relates best with articles that they feel. As authors, you have a paraphernalia of emotions to choose from. Nostalgia comes in very handy while creating viral contents, so does emotions of disappointment from the society. Be sure this matches the audience’s niche and needs that you intend to target.

6. Make your content shareable

It is recommended that the social sharing toolbar is within the reach of the audience. In today’s world, nobody likes to copy and paste links to share. “No toolbars – No shares”, is the order of the day. Using hashtags is another easy way of garnering shares. They are easy to share and are helpful in engaging the audience. People who use hashtags are better engaged and are powerful advocates of your content.

7. Engage the Audience

Social media gives you the opportunity to interact with the audience. While publishing a content, don’t just focus on the content, rather, think of what discussions could the content encourage, what questions could be posed, is it worth commenting? Listed below are a few techniques for doing the same

● Asking questions

Offering freebies: Freebies sometimes pique so much interest that they more than compensate the investments entailed

Organizing contest: Helps in generating the social traffic that you have been so yearning for

Exploiting trendy topics: What better than riding the already existing wave!

Storytelling: A good story is something that keeps us all hooked because we are able to relate to the characters. We recommend using a good story to convey the content whenever possible

8. Use video

Videos are quickly becoming the dominant content from, with some studies predicting that they will constitute 80% of all internet traffic by year-end, as they are easily shared and assimilated. Take efforts to include them in your content whenever possible.


The above-listed pointers are the guide-rails to create a shareable content. As you create sharable content, be sure to measure your engagement rate which will provide you insights into how people talk about your content.

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