How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Tiktok?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Tiktok?
Music Application like TikTok, Spotify, etc has changed the entire music world. These apps become a source of entertainment and fun to many people across the world. This is the reason why so many people are attracting to these music streaming applications. Once upon a time, people like to watch funny videos, etc in their Facebook and Instagram

But the situation is changed after the introduction of the TikTok app into the market. It is the most trending and famous app at present when compared to remaining music applications. It has created a revolution in the music industry. It is released into the market in the year of 2016. From starting itself attracting the younger people across the globe. In 2018, It had destroyed the other apps like PUBG, YouTube, Facebook and etc in terms of app downloads. The download count will be more than 660 million times and will enhance in future also. If you open Facebook or Instagram, there are so many tiktok videos are showing in the timeline. It gains huge popularity among users.

Let’s discuss about TikTok Application. Before the release of Tiktok, there is an app called allows users to give lip-sync to the dialogues of movies and songs based on multiple categories like Serious, Comedy, etc. TikTok contributes a different platform for millions of users to showcase their skill, talent and knowledge. The app provides more than 100 face filters and emoji stickers that users can use in their videos. Further, with the availability of realistic editing tools, TikTok gives an outstanding experience to its users. There is a lot of revenue potential for music video apps like TikTok.

After seeing the success of the app like TikTok. Everyone wants to develop an app like TikTok. So many people are ready to start their business based on a TikTok app idea and looking for the app development companies to develop a similar kind of app like TikTok.

Key Features of TikTok Mobile App

1- Login/Signup

A login/Signup screen is the primary screen of any mobile application that’s why mobile app developers should spend more time developing a login page. Enable users to login/Sign-up with fewer details and also integrate social media login option. So the user can log in with their social media accounts.

2- Video Section

The whole idea of TikTok mobile app depends on Videos, this has to be the one segment that has to pay more attention in terms of design and development. Here, you will have to give the chance to users to download and share their videos on social media platforms. It is necessary to add the “Draft” option so that the user can attach the created video in a draft and can publish later.

3- Notifications

The app should send real-time notifications to the users concerning followers’ addition, the likes, and shares activity that they make on your videos, and when people they follow obtain a new update on their profile.

4- Settings

This section will enable users to manage their profile, change their password, manage blocked users, work around the app settings, and communicate the parent company in case of any conflict.

5- Tools to express

There are tools accessible in the TikTok app, which are all of supreme-level. With many filters and AR effects, they manage to be pretty amazing. Besides, what makes these tools unique is it allow the creator to make quick edit, cuts, & slow down the speed & a lot more.

6- Original Sound

TikTok enables its users to utilise their original sound as well while creating the video, which lets them showcase their full potential in the presence of the audience.

7- Music Library:There is never-ending music accessible in the music library for the audience.

8- Earn Money:This feature within the TikTok app is very much liked by the users as it enables them to earn money by creating fun videos which are famous on the platform.

9- Special Effects:This feature enables users to pick background music and produce magical clips pretty simply.

10- Geo location:

The feature is another interesting extension to the app and enables users to select their wanted broadcaster in his neighbourhood. The app utilises the current location of the user and presents the creators on the app who is broadcasting live at the moment. The active creators are highlighted in green and the inactive ones in red

11- Social Sharing

Social media offers a excellent platform to get notified by many within a short time. The app permits users to share their videos on various social media platforms.  It enables users to like, comment, and post other videos on social media.

12- Hearts Count

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok permits you to like a video without following the user. You just require to double tap the video and give a like to that video. The likes in TikTok are calculated as hearts and in case of TikTok, every heart counts and can be termed as the currency to get popularity.

13- Admin Panel Features

Admin side of the TikTok app will enable admins to handle user management, content management, notification management, manage the flagged videos, and manage reports.

Cost to Develop an App like TikTok

TikTok like mobile app cost depends on the number of factors such as features, technologies utilised in the development and usage of resources. If you are ok with the features that we discussed above, the cost of TikTok like an app will come somewhere around $40,000 to $50,000.If you want more features, the cost will also enhance.

Not only the features but some other factors also reveal the app development cost like design, app development platform and the mobile app development company that you hire for app development. Efficient Designs will attract many users to your app. In the same way, android and ios are the famous app development platforms. The cost may vary for these platforms and app developer country also revealed the cost.

By considering all the above factors in mind, the mobile app development cost should be around $60,000 to $80,000 to create a TikTok like an app with all the latest functionalities. It may vary also based on your preferences.

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Sai Saanvi is a digital marketer and technical writer of best Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia. She has written on various topics including digital marketing and mobile app development related topics. She always wants to gain and share her knowledge with the people who want to learn new things in digital marketing and mobile app technologies.

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