Weebly Vs WordPress: Choose The Best Platform For Your Website

Weebly Vs WordPress: Choose The Best Platform For Your Website

Building a responsive & interactive website for your business is not an easy task. There are many platforms & tools available in the market that enable you to develop a stylish attractive website with advanced features & functionalities. Among all these technologies, the two most widely popular options are Weebly and WordPress. Both these technologies have specific features that can fulfill all your business needs with a website.

On the one hand, WordPress powers more than 32% of all the websites on the internet. It is open source software that is completely customizable. Thousands of plugins & themes come with this CMS to add extra functionality to your website.

On the other hand, with more than 12 years, Weebly has gotten a lot of updates and keep improving especially when it comes to e-Commerce. It’s a drag & drop site builder service which enables you to quickly & easily design and develop websites without having to code. Weebly comes with responsive themes, pre-designed layouts, integrated eCommerce platform, and drag and drops editor that bring you with a stylish & professional looking website.

Here, We will Compare Both The Technologies Based On Several Categories Which Include:

Ease of use
• Site management
• Performance
• Security
• Customizability

1) Ease Of Use (Webbly The Easiest Website Builder)

When it comes to ease of use, probably Weebly is the more simple to use as compared to WordPress. With Weebly, you can get a website by simply creating Weebly account and you do not need any HTML skills just select a theme and start building. One can easily drag & drop text boxes, images, and other components on his website. Resizing, editing, or repositioning of various elements is simple with this. Also, you can easily add pages, alter different elements, and include SEO data & much more. The straightforward interface of Weebly makes the whole designing process quick and easy.

On the other hand, WordPress has a steeper learning curve with consecutive letters like FTP, CSS, and HTML which might be difficult for some users to learn and execute. You will need to go through with a few lines of codes. But, still considered as one of the powerful tools to create beautiful websites with ease. The thriving WordPress community support and huge information available all around the web provide ease to users to develop their site. The majority of powerful plugins and attractive themes enhance the beauty of WordPress. If you can put extra efforts to modify codes then WordPress CMS could deliver a much more advanced website than Webbly.

Winner: Webbly

2) Pricing

Weebly offers plans range from $8 to $25/month (paid annually). The plans include:

• Starter ($8/month)
• Pro ($12/month)
• Business ($25/month)

You get a free domain with these three plans.

With the pro plan, you can avail additional features such as-

• Site search
• Password protection
• Video Backgrounds
• HD video & audio
• Up to 100 members, and
• Phone support

To extend the overall functionality of your website, you can purchase and add third-party integrations. All Weebly plans provide the same main website builder tools along with unlimited bandwidth and support. The free package is limited to 500 MB and does not allow custom domains. However, paid plans bring you with unlimited storage, allow you to connect with a custom domain & remove Weebly ads.

To build your site with WordPress.org will require paying $7/ month for your own hosting services & the price range can vary based on the quality of hosting service provider. Bluehost is one of the recommended service providers as you get access to complete version of WordPress with full access to plugins & themes.

• Premium design template($30 – $80)
• Premium plugins ($15 – $50)

You can build a website with WordPress for less than $50, but there are many folks who even spend up to $200 to get highly advance website. Well, how much you spend on your site based on WordPress totally depends on the features and functions you want to add.

Winner: WordPress can be cheaper but not in every situation.

3) Flexibility & Customization

By editing the HTML & CSS codes to your Weebly website, you have the freedom to customize the design of your website. However, this is not an open source website builder so you cannot control the working of some of their tools. And, that is why you cannot integrate non-Weebly tools or certain features that function differently as their core functions are locked from public access.

On the other hand, WordPress is an open source website builder and that is why you have full flexibility to modify website & full access to the platform codes. Most of the people use WordPress as it offers many free plugins that you can add to your website to enhance the functionality of your website. It has over 56,087 free plugins which can be extensively used to create a powerful website.

Winner: WordPress is the winner here.

4) SEO

Search engine optimization is another most important factor when we are comparing both Weebly or WordPress as it creates a huge impact on a website success. To get the top ranking on major search engines, you need to work on your SEO. If you are using WordPress then you can use Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your page title, keywords, meta descriptions, and much more in order to get higher rankings on search engines.

Weebly comes with built-in SEO with clear instructions so that you can best optimize your website to get higher rankings on search engines. You can configure each SEO element with Weebly for search. So, both the technologies are well-suited for SEO and if all the SEO tactics are applied in the best possible way then you can get the higher rankings on search engines.

Winner: Both are perfect for SEO.

5) Performance

Whichever platform you select for your website should be solid on the basis of performance. It should provide high-security, fast loading site pages, the light dashboard to achieve a successful website.

When it comes to performance, Webbly & WordPress both have their own advantages. With in-built features of Webbly, you don’t need to put much efforts to optimize your website. The site speed is quick with this platform, but again lack of settings to play can create a disappointment for you.

WordPress is a self-hosted platform that means you can select the web host of your choice that has a solid reputation when talking about the best performance. You can do a lot of manual things with this platform in order to enhance your site performance. For example, you can leverage browser caching, automate image optimization, integrate Content Delivery Network with your website. So, you can do a lot to improve the performance of a WordPress site, although it does take more time with Weebly.

Winner: WordPress is the winner in terms of performance.


Both Weebly and WordPress are designed very differently to fulfill different needs. With Weebly, it is easy to create stunning small to medium websites. WordPress gives you full flexibility and provides the best solution for complex & advanced websites. You can consider above-mentioned factors according to your specific website needs and choose any one of both the technologies.



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