6 Steps To Prepare Your Mobile Site For Voice Search In 2019 

6 Steps To Prepare Your Mobile Site For Voice Search In 2019 

Voice search is aiming to be the future of the internet-enabled search. By the year 2020, almost 50% of all the searches on the internet will be voice search. Almost 72% of the population who has a smart speaker believes it is a part of their daily life. It has also been determined that the percentage of people owning a smart speaker increased from 38% to 52%.

In this article, I am going to put light into some steps by which you can easily prepare your mobile for voice search in 2019. I will assist you to stay at par and optimize your mobile site for the voice search.

Concentrate on developing phrases and 3-4 lines keywords describing the product 

The main aim of the internet search has moved miles away from a concise search to an abrupt search to three to four lines of keyword search and even the search using complete sentences.

The way we speak sentences is quite different from the way we type sentences. We make use of a natural language while we are speaking, which is not the case when we are typing. Pay considerable attention on the concept of natural language in order to optimize your mobile site for voice search.The sentences or the keywords which you use while making a voice search through digital assistant are usually different from the sentences you type to enable google search.

So you should very carefully prepare your website for voice-enabled search engine optimization and concentrate on the characteristics of the voice search which plays a vital role in it.

Prepare particular questions in an interactive style 

The sentences or phrases which you use in the voice search should be very particular in nature. You don’t go round and round with your sentences while speaking to a digital assistant. You are recommended to ask a precise question to the digital assistant to get a precise answer in return.

Example:  “ Find a North Indian restaurant near me”. In this case, if you have enabled GPS on your mobile phone, your search results would be more precise.

FAQ Content 

If you are a business proprietor and you want to develop an inbuilt content enabled for precise queries then you are required to create a comprehensive FAQ page. You can also prepare an article consisting of authentic information based on 3-4 lines keywords phrases, interactive and precise questions.

You are recommended to conduct an appropriate amount of research on the questions which are expected from your target clients while making voice search to resolve their queries. The best possible option for you would be to create a post centering around all such questions expected from your clients.

Make sure you create a good quality content to resolve the queries of your clients so that the google is notified about it and promote your mobile site to a higher rank.

Enhance the efficiency of the mobile site for local SEO 

Voice search has the potential of being 3 times more local in nature than any other kind of search. You are required to keep the contact information as well as the portfolio of your business up to date at a regular interval of time. It would be essentially needed by google to answer your queries.

  • You need to accurately mention the opening and closing time of your company on your mobile site.
  • You need to mention the accurate location of your company.
  • You need to maintain effective content on the website of your company so that it could be easily located by means of the keywords.
  • You need to research and develop all the possible queries which your target customers might ask and also prepare a blog answering all such possible queries.

Enhance the loading time of your mobile site 

You are strictly recommended to work towards improving the loading time of your mobile site. People often avoid it due to its inefficiency. The mobile site which takes a great amount of time to load is rejected by the visitors very quickly than those mobile sites which load at a great speed. The downloading speed of your mobile site will have a direct influence on its failure. So there is a great need for you to concentrate on working towards improving the efficiency of your website.

The people who are making voice searches are usually the ones who expect spontaneous results. It is highly recommended to you to optimize the loading speed of your mobile site for otherwise, it will fail to answer the voice queries of the users at the appropriate time. You can go through the Speed Update article issued by Google to find out all about the loading speed of your mobile site.

Check the responsiveness of your mobile site to the voice search 

If you want your mobile site to be prepared for the voice search you are requested to concentrate on the micro-events. You need to focus on those areas where your target audience needs spontaneous attention, accurate and urgent information to resolve all their problems.

Nowadays our Smartphone is our best friend and we can access the internet from it at any point in time. The mobile sites will, therefore, be the first means of information for your target audience which needs to be optimized greatly.

It has also been recommended by Google to the companies to make greater use of the mobile internet search and increase the effectiveness of your mobile site accordingly.

So get going and enhance the loading speed of your mobile site, create a user-friendly interface and make sure it contains appropriate information as well as provide spontaneous answers as and when needed.

Always make sure to update the contents of your mobile as per the needs of the changing technology. Even the likes and dislikes of the consumer’s changes with respect to time. Such changing trends of the consumers also create a direct impact on the trend of the market.

If you are aiming to stand high in the competitive environment in 2019, I suggest you go through the above post and prepare your mobile site for the change accordingly.

Author’s Bio: Writing poems, articles, stories, and scripts is my hobby. Currently working as a content writer at Cybrain Software solutions which provide digital Marketing services all around the world. A former academic writer who has also put hands into documentary film.


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