6 New Link Building Strategies for Improving Your SEO

6 New Link Building Strategies for Improving Your SEO

The digital marketing environment has gone through several transformations over the last two years than the past ten years put together. It is a clear indication that people are putting a lot of importance on online meaning. Some of the primary contributing factors are googles penguin and Panda algorithm updates. These two features have changed the practices of online marketing including how to create ‘backlinks’ to how you need to build your website. You need to use these attributes hand in hand with the available SEO tools to enhance the performance of your site.

Backlinks are links that move from a different site to yours because they point back to your pages. You can improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website by building such links that point back to your site. It is one of the best strategies for enhancing your SEO efforts.

The challenge is that we still have website owners who are still using outdated link-building strategies. Some of the old fashion strategies include the’$10 for 10,000’ package purchases and the automated directory submissions. Time has come for all users to device new and updated link building techniques that will take their online marketing efforts to the next level. Here are some of the best link building strategies for improving SEO.

1. Guest Posting

The term guest posting refers to the process of drafting articles that you will publish on the website of another company or person. It is one of the best techniques for building backlinks. Apart from giving you a new audience, this technique will assist you to secure some valuable backlinks that post back to your own website. It is good to make maximum use of this strategy if you want to take your SEO to the next level.

If you want to get maximum value from this strategy, you need to work with highly regarded and well-known blogs. Make sure you are only sending your best blog post content to the publishing sites. The process of guest posting refers to the kind of relationship that you develop with other websites and the audience they have. You cannot automate this technique by sending old articles to the old publishing blogs to secure one or two links.

Websites that accept blog posts will want you to publish high-quality content. The content should be original and exciting to the reader. Most of the people who are reading your posts will want something that is highly informative. No reputable site will allow you to publish poor quality posts on their website. The editors only accept content that will be useful to their target audience. Also, it is advisable to choose sites that are in the same niche as yours. You will be sure of attracting the right audience with the backlinks.

2. Creation of Infographics

The term infographics mean images that share data in a graphics and several online users like to share them. Infographics are aesthetically pleasing in several ways. Take your time to create an attractive and interesting infographic. You can be sure that the content will grow viral and receive shares from one individual to another. You will get new links each moment a person references your graphics to another site. It is one of the best ways of getting new backlinks as long as you know what you are doing.

To determine whether your infographics meet this criterion or not, there is a simple question that you need to ask yourself. ‘Can I share this infographic with a friend?’ If your response to this question is a ‘yes,’ then you are good to go. There is a high possibility that your infographic will use some tweeting before release. It can consume you a lot of time and money to develop an excellent infographic. However, when you get it right, you will discover that the investment will pay off concerning the number of backlinks that you get. The distribution of your graphics will result in several high-quality infographics. People who know this strategy use this technique to improve their SEO. Therefore, you can use infographics as a strategy to build backlinks.

3. Interactive Content Marketing

Interactive web content is a step higher from normal blog content both in the value that it provides and the effort that you need to create it. Naturally, people spend more time sharing and reading high-value content. It goes with no doubt that interactive content falls in this category. Apart from helping you to earn new links, it can also assist you to increase the number of conversions. Interactive content is the posts that need the participation of the reader. The web content automatically adapts itself to the reader’s actions.

4. Link Building Over Email

Google has been busy cracking down on sitewide links i.e., links that are found in the footers and sidebars of blogs that are on all site pages. The implication is that the development of ‘in-content’ links is a crucial component of the link building process. The term in-content links refers to the ones that are in the body of the referring sites pages’ content. The best way of finding these links is through a process that we call email link building. In this case, you will send an email to the potential linking websites and request them to put your link on relevant content on their pages. For instance, if you are running a local restaurant and come across a site that has a list of all the small businesses in your region, you can send an email to the owner of the site. In your email, tell him that linking back to your URL will help him to generate new and valuable links. Any serious entrepreneur will not fail to link back to your page.

5. Creation of Viral Content

One thing you could not be aware of is that one of the most effective link-building strategies does not involve any form of outreach. Viral content is the process of creating and publishing highly shareable and highly valuable content on your site and then seeding your URL on the popular social networks. If you can create incredible content, your readers will want to share it with other people. In the process, you will get an influx of backlinks, and this will take place without your direct involvement. You will not have to build every link for your site.

Even though there is no fast and hard formula that you can use to create viral online content, you can analyze some of the pieces that users have shared widely to get some clues on how to develop popular content. In most cases, it can be the kind of web content that captures the emerging trends in the market. Some absurd or entertaining content can also go viral very quickly. Therefore, you have to get what will work for you well and use it for your advantage. You will begin to realize astonishing results in your SEO tools within no time.

6. Analysis of Competitor Links

You can use simple SEO tools like Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer to analyze the link profile of your competitors. These tools will give you a list of the sites that link back to the websites of your competitors. You can get several ideas on potential sources that should be linking back your site from this information. You need to qualify this information because replicating the spam links of your competitors will not do you any good. Only use those that can generate high-value links naturally in the search engine.

With these tips, you have all it takes to build new backlinks to your site. The most important thing is to attract these backlinks in a natural manner.


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